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CC Reddy meets the press
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December 17, 2007

Producer and educationalist CC Reddy met the film press today and donated an amount of Rs. 2 lacs to the welfare of AP Film Critics Association. He also took honorary membership in association as he is the editor and publisher of the weekly ‘Maa Bhoomi’.

I am also a journalist
Speaking on the occasion CC Reddy said, “I also belongs to the press now as I started my own weekly titled ‘Ee Bhoomi’. Lots of new entrants are coming to the media and it is helping the standard of life of journalists. For example, I am providing company cars to five of our editorial board members. The film journalists should also start giving true picture of the fate of films instead of writing that all films are superhit.”

Current projects
Speaking about his ventures CC Reddy said, “We are coming up a township near Vijayawada which consists of 3500 apartments, 7 theater multiplex and an IMAX theater. We are also planning to get into exhibition sector in a big way. We bought Geet Sangeet theater complex in Vizag and we are going to construct either a multiplex or a star hotel over there. We are also keen on getting into digital theaters all over AP.”

About Chiranjeevi political entrance
Talking about Chiranjeevi entrance into politics CC Reddy said, “Chiranjeevi is a man with clean image. He has tremendous popularity among people with his track record in films. People want to see him as the man of the masses in the real life too. But Chiranjeevi is an individual. A lot will depend on how the people around Chiranjeevi are going to be. If he keeps ethical people around him, Chiranjeevi will flourish. If he keeps corrupted people who would like to milk money around him, then he would repent his decision. But he has tremendous following. When I asked my kids about who they are going to vote, they unanimously said Chiranjeevi’s name. I think it is the time for him to take intelligent and ethical people into the party and get lot of credibility to the politics. Otherwise, he would become a typical example of ‘old wine - new bottle’ adage."

Anne Ravi (Vice president of association) presided over the event. Subba Rao, Battula Prasad, BA Raju, Surya Prakash Reddy, Prabhu and Santosham Suresh were also present at the meeting.

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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