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Jagapati Babu's day out with Fans
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10th February 2005
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Jagapati Babu took a day off after muhurat of his new film 'Jagapathi' to spend quality time with 100's of his fans who come all the way from various towns of Andhra Pradesh. Jagapati Babu spent more than three hours to meet each and every fan one-to-one. Then he judged the dancing competition among fans for the songs of Pandem. He selected the best three and showered them with gifts. Speaking to fans, Jagapati Babu said that he was out rightly rejected for his first film and then worked hard with support of his fans to reach this position. Fans came to the muhurat of 'Jagapati' and cheered up Jagapati by saying 'Veeramachineni Jagapati Chowdary ki Zindabad' (incidentally Jagapati Babu's real name is Jagapati Chowdary. VB Rajendra Prasad named him after his father Jagapati Chowdary). Jagapati Babu made sure that all fans would have happy memories to carry back to their towns. Jagapati Babu's birthday is coming on 12th February.

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