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Opening - Hexa platinum disc function of ANJI
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29th December 2003
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The hexa platinum disc function of Anji was celebrated in a private function arranged by Gemini TV on the evening of 29th December 2003. Around 800 members were selected from a contest arranged through Gemini TV (click here to see the trailer of the same contest). This function was held at Amphitheater near Durgam Cheruvu. The Anji members who attended this function were Chiranjeevi, Shyam Prasad Reddy, Kodi Rama Krishna, Mani Sharma and Chota K Naidu. It had a question-answer (QA) section followed by Anji team's speech.

Here are a few interesting snippets from QA section

K Suhasini (Miryalaguda): Chiranjeevi garu, you are the best in dances and fights. But you seems to have concentrated more in graphics for this film?
Chiru: Do you have any apprehensions about my ability in dances? The songs and dances in this film are worth enough for you to wait for six years.

Madhavi (Hyderabad): You seems to have worked very hard for graphics and I also was told that you stood still for hours for matrix kind of capture motion effect. How is it possible for you?
Chiru: I was very much impressed by the storyline when Shyam explained it 6 years back. I do give a bulk call sheets of 75-80 days per film. After narrating story, Shyam asked me to give him 150 days of call sheets. When I asked him about the reason behind asking for 150 days, he said that it requires quite a few graphic shots which requires a person to stand still for hours together. But they made me stand still for 400 days (giggles). I wish that you would make this film run for at least half of the days I worked for this film (200 days).

Satyanarayana (Guntur): Whats your favorite song in this film?
Chiru: I liked all the songs. I would not have selected a song if I didn't like it. 'Amma Nee Yamma Goppade' is my favorite song in this album (checkout 3rd trailer of Anji to view Chiru's steps for this song). I am also a mass candidate like you and I like 'Mirayakaya Bajji' song a lot.

Shyam Prasad (Penugonda): (to Kodi) Your first film was Intlo Ramayya Veedhilo Krishnaiah and it ran for 510 days in Hyderabad. Now your latest film with Chiru - Anji - is going to release on 7th Jan. What difference do you find in Chiranjeevi?
Kodi: Purnima character in 'Intlo Ramayya Veedhilo Krishnaiah' is the trump card for the success of that film. Chiranjeevi opined that the story gets elevated due to the deception done to Purnima character by Gollapudi. He was a smalltime actor then. But now, Chiranjeevi is not only the number one in Telugu but also the numero uno in entire India.

Lakshmi: I heard that your health was not good in the recent times. We felt really sad. You work so hard to entertain us through movies.
Chiranjeevi: I think you were referring to the back-pain incident that happened during Tagore time. When I met the doc in London, he assured me that all it takes is an injection to get relieved. As long as you are there to wish me a good health, I am not going to get affected by any health problem.

(in the mean time, the fans were asking about Pawan Kalyan. Then Chiranjeevi said that Pawan Kalyan is his blood brother. And fans are also his blood brothers. So, all of them are his Pawan Kalyans)

Narasimha Rao (Badrachalam): What is the necessity of graphics when Chiru is acting in a film?
Chiru: I like avakai. I also like mudda pappu. But the taste is excellent when I mix avakai and mudda pappu. That's what you feel when see graphics added to my image.

Satyanarayana (Guntur): Fans of few heroes who does not even have an experience of 5 films are personally abusing you. I feel very bad about it.
Chiru: Let me tell you one incident. You are walking over the road and suddenly a guys comes from nowhere and starts hurling abuses at you. You would get startled at first. Then you would get mad and beat him up. Later on an ambulance of a mental hospital comes up to take that guy away. Then you realize that he is a mad guy. While being dragged by the hospital people, that guy still abuses you. But this time you feel for him with a sympathetic heart. With one incident your feeling of anger gets converted into feeling of sympathy. If a person is personally abusing you, you must have done something bad to him. Otherwise, there must have been some problem with the other guy. If you were pretty sure that you have not done any harm to that guy, then feel pity about him than complaining. One should not loose temperament for such kind of silly stuff. Think beyond petty issues! We came here to discuss about Anji film. I personally feel that everybody should be happy in film industry with successful films.

Manjulamma (Uravakonda): Is there is any message for crowds through Anji like your previous films Indra and Tagore?
Chiru: After watching Anji, every patron would come out the theater with an increased confidence in God and the Divinity. The graphics work made it possible. By the way, we have small comedy dialogue on the village you come from. It goes like 'Uravakonda - Kobbarilouse Vunda!'

Chiranjeevi's speech:
I feel really sad by looking at this function because the producer Shyam has treated Anji project like his own baby and now he is forced to release it for public viewing. (giggles) we are all feeling very sad that the film Anji is finally releasing. We have been taking care of the film for six years. And now we are leaving it in your hands (in a jovial manner).

Shyam Prasad Reddy is the main pillar for Anji film. 'Oka Aakasa Ganga, Oka Aatma Lingam, Oka Manishi aatma viswasame ee Anji' (Anji is nothing but an Akasaganga, Aaatma Lingam and the self confidence of a single person).

I used to think like that the songs in film might sound and appear old. But after seeing the songs on screen, I felt that songs are very peppy and fresh. There is one song (Chikbuk) that was picturised on me and Ramya Krishna six years back in Golkonda Fort, which was composed by Lawrence. When I saw it now, I felt that there is so much of freshness and fizz in the song. As the Rajnikant's saying goes 'Late gaa vachina latest gaa vastaanu', Anji would also be a film with contemporary feel.

If you mix the songs of Anji, Tagore and Indra and exhibit them, one would not find which song was shot recently. The picturization of Anji songs is very good. One song was picturised 6 years back. Another song 4 years back. Another one 3 years back. Another song was 2 and half years back. And the last song picturised was 2 years back. But visuals are all songs appear very fresh.

All the songs are mass songs with a touch of melody. If I listen to JVAS (Jagadeka Veerudu Atiloka Sundari) songs even now, I find them lively. Anji songs also have the same feel. Manava Manava has Priyatama Priyatama shades. Abbo Nee Yamma Goppade has the shades of Amma Nee Tiyyani Debba. Mirapakaya Bajji song has the resemblance to Ata Kavala song.

Shyam Prasad Reddy said that music is his weakling and hence he told Chiranjeevi at the beginning of the film that music is not his cup of tea. Then Chiranjeevi is said to have assured him to trust Mani Sharma. All my films have been story-based ones. But Anji is a film that has good story coupled with nice music. The entire credit for the success of music should go to Mani Sharma.

Swati and Raghu Kunche anchored the event. All the Gemini anchors cut the New Year celebrations cake along with Chiranjeevi. This program would be broadcasted during the new year 2004 in Gemini TV (on the night of 31st December 2003).

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