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Indra 100 days celebrations at Kakinada
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Indra 100 days celebrations at Kakinada

2nd November 2002
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Indra - megastar Chiranjeevi's record breaking hit - which created unbreakable records in all areas be it in shares it collected, no. of 50 days centres, no. of 100 days centres or no. of house full days it ran for celebrated its 100 day run in 122 centres (118 direct+4 shift).

On this occasion we as megafans knew no bounds of joy this day. Tt was October 31st the big day. Celebrations started here in Kakinada the previous day night itself after the second show started. The padmapriya - sripriya theatre complex was illuminated with colorful lighting. Hundreds of fans gathered at the theatre and danced till 2 am. This was just a curtain raiser to what was to follow the next day.

On Oct 31st thousands of fans gathered at the theatre by 8 am .at 9 am the theatre management distributed snacks to the fans and played the first half of the movie especially for the fans. After this hundreds of fans from neighboring villages came to attend the rally. The rally started at 2pm in the afternoon with Sri Abbu garu (owner of Padmapriya) and Sri Nanaji garu (manager) waving the flag. Sri Mummidi Rambabu garu (president, east godavari Chiranjeevi fans president) led the rally. Initially 118 cars were supposed to take part in the rally but due to traffic problem only 50 cars were allowed. Nearly 15000 fans from Kakinada and neighboring villages took part in the rally. Banners, placards, flags etc were seen in almost everybody's' hands. The cars followed the huge crowds. Fans shouted slogans like "megastar zindabad", "kaboye cm zindabad", "mee pillalanu badiki pampinchandi paniki kaadu", "rakthadaanam cheyyandi pranalani kaapadandi", "nethradanam cheyandi marosaari jeevinchandi" and so on. Fans behaved very well without creating any problems to the police in diverting the traffic.

There was a huge reaction from the general public. Large crowds joined the rally in the middle. The buildings on both sides of the road were filled by people to see the rally. Many people stopped the rally and garlanded Chiru cutouts. It was found that many people were asking if Chiru has come to kakinada. Many others asked whether Chiru is joining politics. Hundreds of autos and scooters followed the cars. Many people said that the rally reminded them of the kuppam scene in Indra film. Some others said that it is Chiranjeevi leni kuppam. The rally took place in mainroad, masjid centre, cinema road, kalpana theatre centre, bus stand centre and finally reached the theatre at 6 pm. Then the real enjoyment started. Thousands of fans started dancing to Chiru and Pawan songs played. Both the theatres screened Indra movie. By the time celebrations were over it was 2.30 am. We had a good day. I would like to thank jeevi for accepting my request to post these pictures on our favorite site

Ramesh Babu Gorantla

exclusive photo gallery (courtesy: Ramesh Babu Gorantla)

a fleet of 50 cars at Kakinada

Beginning of rally from Padmapriya

Rally on the main road

Excited fans participating in rally

Fans gathered at Bhanugudi junction

Rear view of fleet of cars on main road

Fans association leaders at Kalpana center

Another shot of Car rally

The crowds celebrating

Kakinada fans

Kakinada fans

Another view of car rally

Fans at Padmapriya theater

EG Fans president Mummidi Rambabu waving at Kakinada fans

Kakinada crowds


car rally


The celebration vehicle with lighting

illuminated Padmapriya theater

Padmapriya theater owner (Mr. Abbu) and Manager (Mr. Nanaji) starting rally

The celebration vehicle with lighting

Padmapriya and Saipriya complex

EG Fans president Mummidi Rambabu

EG Fans president Mummidi Rambabu garlanding Chiru poster

Fans garlanding Indra 100 days poster

A fan doing veena step during that 'Dayi Dayi' song in Padmapriya theater
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