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Smita launched Jodha Akbar jewelry exhibition
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May 25, 2008


The two-day Exhibition of Jodha Akbar Jewellery in Vijayawada will close today. For the first time, this kind of celluloid jewelry display has come up in Andhra Pradesh. Telugu pop diva Smita, the Vijayawada girl, inaugurated the exhibition at Fortune Murali Park yesterday. The event throws a rare opportunity to the people of Vijayawada and surrounding areas to have a glance at the jewels that were worn by the lead pair of Jodha Akbar – Aish and Hritik – and by other characters who were part of the historical movie. Tanishq, India's leading jewelry brand, brought the exhibition here. The organizers said that the Jodha Akbar collection is a compliment to the fusion of Moghal and Rajput excellence in jewelry craftsmanship.

Marking the inauguration of the exhibition, Mr. Ashutosh Gowarikar, director of Jodha Akar, said: "Jewellery plays a significant role in my film, right from defining the cultural background of the characters (Rajput or Mughal) to signifying the role the royalty is playing at a specific occasion. The ornaments had to be created keeping in mind its relevance to the two rich Indian traditions of the Moghals and Rajputs."

Tanishq and Chitrakala Parishad jointly executed the making of JA jewelry, consisting of 400 stunning handcrafted ornaments in their royal splendor. Striking in the display are Akbar's magnificent ceremonial sword, Archer's Ring, Sarpech, and Jodhaa's wedding dress.

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