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Logo launch - Don
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August 29, 2007

K Raghavendra Rao launched the logo of Nagarjuna’s latest film Don. This event took place at Taj Deccan on the evening of 29 August (Nagarjuna’s birthday) in Hyderabad. This function is graced by Amala, Lawrence, Abburi Ravi, ML Kumar Chowdary, B Gopal, Gunnam Gangaraju, KS Rama Rao and Chanti Addala.

Don film will have double entertainment - Lawrence
Speaking on the occasion director Lawrence said, “It was Nagarjuna who gave me life as film director with Mass. Don film will have double entertainment quotient compared to Mass. The action sequences and presentation is done in ever before style with a new pattern. I am also composing music for this film. I made him listen to two of my compositions first. He asked me who composed the songs and when I said it was me, he assigned me the job of music director too.”

I am doing the role of modern Robin Hood - Nagarjuna
Hero Nagarjuna said, “I am doing the role of modern robin hood in this film. I belong to the mafia who does help needy people. The fights in this film are going to be stylish. Lawrence used different camera movements and variety editing cuts to shoot this film. Fights in this film would be praised after the film’s release. Lawrence has improved tremendously as director from Mass to Don. Lawrence is also doing a role in this film. I observed Lawrence’s passion for composing music when we went to Swiss for a film to shoot songs. He used to sit in back of the bus and hum songs (his own compositions). Being a choreographer, he has great taste for good music and he is composing good music for the film. We wanted to release the film in the next month. But Lawrence wanted more time in order to prepare wonderful screenplay. Hence we shifted the release date to December 2007.”

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