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MAA TV - ‘Rela Re Rela‘ dummu lepu season 2
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November 7, 2008


The biggest show of Maa Television, Rela Re Rela season one, an exclusive folk music talent hunt show, first of its kind on Indian television got a tremendous acclaim and a great positive response across all telugu television audience. And probably the biggest response that was ever received on Telugu television channel in the non film genres. The rural society being the important part of our country, Maa TV picked the finest and encouraged the talent from among them. The channel dug the latent talent of the people and catered to the unknown and forgotten tastes of rural Andhra Pradesh.

Rela re Rela also bagged a national award named 33rd RAPA in Telugu folk music talent hunt category held during early 2008 in Mumbai. Inspired by the success of Rela-Re-Rela, Other general entertainment channels have also started the similar genre on their television channels, but Rela re Rela continued to be the leader.

Now Rela re Rela season 2 is going to roll on Maa TV on every Sunday at 7.30 P.M. It’s a weekly one hour show hosted by none other than the rocking small screen star Udayabhanu. Goreti Venkanna and Suddala Ashok Teja continue to be the Judges for the show.

Don’t miss watching Rela re Rela season-2 coming back with 16 bombarding folk singers who were picked up from across the state and are with full of energy and Soul. No doubt, Rela re Rela will kick the dust, as the tag line goes Rela re Rela. Dummulepu.

Talking about this programme, CEO, Mr. Sharrath Marar, expressed “Rela-Re-Rela was received exceptionally well in the first series. This has motivated the hidden talent to come out open and participate in the second series with great enthusiasm and energy. This series will have a far better content than the earlier one and will create a huge impact across all sections of people, both in Rural and Urban areas”.


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