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Mahathma movie launch
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February 15, 2009


Krishna Vamsi’s latest film Mahatma starring Srikanth and Bhavana was launched today at Aluminum factor located at Gachibowli. Chiranjeevi, Dasari, Kumaraswamy (ex-CM of Karnataka), D Rama Naidu, K Raghavendra Rao attended this function as guests.

Chiranjeevi sounded the clapboard, K Raghavendra Rao switched on the camera, Dasari directed the first shot, D Rama Naidu triggered the color bomb and Kumara Swamy handed over the script.

The muhurat shot of the film tells the theme of the film in a symbolic way. Three colors of Indian flag were triggered through bombs. Hero starts walking from the blast site by holding an injured Gandhi in his arms.

Chiranjeevi said, “It feels nice to participate in a movie related event amidst political campaigning. It’s like getting back to roots. 100th film is a memorable one for Srikanth. I wish that Mahatma film will be the most memorable film in Srikanth’s career. Krishna Vamsi is one of the most creative directors of Telugu cinema.”

Dasari said, “It is a historic day in Srikanth’a life. This film looks like a patriotic film. Krishna Vamsi invited all the people of Telugu film industry who completed 100 films to do honors for Mahatma launch. Krishna Vamsi is known for useful films and social message oriented films.”

Every human being has it in him to become a Mahatma – Krishna Vamsi
Krishna Vamsi said, “I am not used to have any functions to launch my movies. But it is an exception because it is the 100th film of Krishna Vamsi. I think Srikanth will be the last Telugu hero to complete 100 films in Telugu film industry. For centuries people of India believed in certain things. In the initial days they believed in Rama Tatvam. In the last century, people believed in Mahatma who created Gandhi Tatvam by mixing Rama Tatvam and Krishna’s preaching in Geeta. In this film we are going to show that every human being has it in him to become a Mahatma. Paruchuri brothers are doing terrific writing for this film without missing the sensibilities. Producer Manohar is Srikanth’s friend and he is going to contest as MP in Karnataka. The shoot will start from tomorrow. We are aiming to release the film on 15 August 2009.”

Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao said, “We worked with all big directors of Telugu cinema, but never worked with Krishna Vamsi. This is our first film with Krishna Vamsi. He is very receptive to others and tries to look at others’ point of view. With all the politicians preaching the same time, voter is in the state of confusion now. This film will address the problem. Mahatma film will change the life of Srikanth.”

Paruchuri Gopala Krishna said, “We worked for Srikanth’s first film Peoples Encounter and never worked with him again. His 100th film is our second film in his combination. We gave the definition of Rajakeeyam in Pratidhwani. We are going to change it with this film as ‘Rajula nundi Janalki Key iche Yamtrangam’. India has a history of lot of cultural invasion. It’s been more than 60 years since we got independence. The youth of India seem to deviating from it. We are touching lots of aspects in this film. But it is not a political film. Krishna Vamsi has poetry in his taking. Mahatma film tells us what kind of society ours should be and how youth are going to change it for the good.”

Srikanth said, “I like Krishna Vamsi as a director. I had been asking him to direct my 100th film for the past two years. He prepared an amazing story. I am hoping that it will become a mile stone in my career. Producer Manohar is my friend. I would like to thank Chiranjeevi, Dasari, K Raghavendra Rao and D Rama Naidu for gracing this occasion.”

Producer Manohar said that he is satisfied with the way film is going to shape up.

Prithvi Sai – Asia’s youngest DJ – composed music for the muhurat shot of the film.

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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