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Saleem film launch
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August 31, 2008

The muhurat of Vishnu – YVS Chowdary combination film ‘Saleem’ (dummu reputadu) is grandly launched at Taj Deccan today morning. Dasari sounded the clapboard on the lead pair, K Raghavendra Rao directed the first shot, Nagarjuna Akkineni switched on the camera.Prabhas gave the harathi, Mohan Babu couple handed over the bounded script. Kalyanram Nandamuri did jyothy prajwalana.

We did muhurat of Pedarayudu at the same venue – Mohan Babu
Speaking on the occasion Mohan Babu said, “Saleem is the 50th film on Sri Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures banner. I knew YVS Chowdary since the days he was an assistant director. I told him that he would become a big director in the future. And it became true and he is one of the top most directors in Telugu. He asked me to work in his earlier films, but I could not do it as I was preoccupied. I am happy that he is directing our film. Saleem is the most prestigious and high budgeted film on our banner. We did the muhurat of my blockbuster Pedarayudu at the same venue. I wish that this film will too become such a big hit.”

March 2009 release – YVS Chowdary
YVS Chowdary said, “Mohan Babu has started Sri Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures banner with Pratigna film. I am feeling lucky to direct the 50th film on this esteemed banner. I feel Mohan Babu to Telugu film industry is what Laloo Prasad Yadav for Bihar and Bal Thakare for Mumbai. These people are such straight forward people. The muhurat dialogue of the film is Vishnu saying ‘Istamaina Vallatho Takkuva Matladuthanu’. Since the stunt union strike is going on now, we would be starting the regular shoot of the film from 15 of this month. This film will be shot in Rajahmundry, Hyderabad, USA and Malaysia. At the same time we stick to the limits prescribed to be in FDC limits. We are planning for March 2009 release.”

Vishnu looks like Amitab Bachchan in posture - YVS
“Saleem is an intense lover like Saleem in Saleem-Anarkali film. But this film has no resemblance to Saleem Anarkali. You can find the family ambiance of Lahiri Lahiri Lahirilo and the heroism of Devadasu in Saleem film. I like Ileana as much as I like Sridevi and Simran. I introduced her to films and she accepted this film unconditionally. I have my trademark hero type characterization. And you will have such heroism in this film too. I was impressed with Vishnu dimples when I watched the trailer of Vishnu film. Saleem is a good love story with high energy levels. Seenu Vytla gave a good base for Vishnu film Dhee film. I am going to enhance it with Saleem. Vishnu also reduced his weight for this film. He is looking like Amitabh Bachchan in posture after reducing the weight. When we went for location scouting in USA, Vishnu identified certain novel steps and dances which we are going to use for this film.” YVS added.

Mohan Babu is doing a negative role - YVS
“Mohan Babu is doing a negative role with high entertainment value. Saleem will be a shocking film. Gopi Mohan and Ravi are working with me for the first time and they helped a lot in expanding the story and giving the treatment. I am also working for the first time with music director Sandeep Chowta. He is composing sensitive and trendy songs for Saleem. Chandrabose is my regular lyricist. I am working with cinematographer Ram Prasad for the first time.”, said YVS.

I asked Vishnu to reduce weight for Dhee – Seenu Vytla
Seenu Vytla said, “I like Vishnu a lot and that is the reason why I worked with him for Dhee. It became a big hit. I asked Vishnu to reduce weight for Dhee. He did not do it. I am glad that he reduced his weight for Saleem film. I knew YVS Chowdary for the past 20 years. He inspired me with his hard work and dedication. Gopi Mohan worked with me since Venky.”

Actress Ileana said, “I am excited to work with YVS Chowdary again after my debut in Devadasu. That is the reason why I signed this film without even asking for the story. This is my first film with Sri Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures. It is a huge privilege to work with Vishnu.”

Actor Vishnu said, “I am proud to act in the direction of YVS Chowdary. It is a privilege to work with an actress like Ileana.”

Saleem will have unexpected twists – Gopi Mohan
Writer Gopi Mohan said, “Saleem film will be a big hit. It will have unexpected twists in the story. The characterization of Saleem is novel. The story revolves around the heroine. This film is going to be made with high technical standards.”

Everything should be fair in love and war - Ravi
Writer Ravi said, “There is a saying that anything is fair in love and war. We are trying to say that everything should be fair in love and war. This film is a war about love. I have good association with Gopi Mohan as both of us hail from Vijayawada. Mohan Babu’s characterization in this film is going to be a highlight. Sandeep Chowta has given his best music in Telugu after Ninne Pelladatha for this film.”

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