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Pawan Kalyan, Mitra, Allu Arvind address NRI Meet in Hyderabad
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August 18, 2008


This event is organized by premiere USA film distribution company - Tolly 2 Holly

NRI Meet in Hyderabad It is like a dream come true for an impressive gathering of NRIs from the USA, Canada and UK seeing actor Pawan Kalyan amidst them. They have declared that Dr. Mitra, the political advisor of Chiranjeevi’s party, has “pichha” (mad) following abroad. Further, Allu Arvind was given a representation by the NRIs for setting up of a special cell for Telugu NRIs (if Chiranjeevi party comes to power). The NRI meet held today at Hotel Novotel assumed significance from these three observations. A gathering of about 50 NRI families, along with spouses and children, eagerly waited for the arrival of Pawan Kalyan. After a wait of two hours, he arrived at 9.30 PM to shouts of “Power Star … Power Star.” His arrival prompted the quick commencement of the simply concluded program.

Look back to villages, adopt them - Allu Arvind
Addressing the gathering Allu Arvind said: “There is always a special feel from us for NRI Telugus (Pravasandhrulu). I am thrilled at this big gathering who has taken all pains to reach here. You did it all because of your love and affection for Chiranjeevi. I have nothing special to tell you, but can only inform you about the strong urge of Chiranjeevi. You should all come forward to adopt the poorest of the poor villages. Come on; Look back to your villages. Adopt them. You are going to have a greater participation in the forthcoming revolutionary changes that are going to take place for the overall growth of Andhra Pradesh. I will take your word (for separate cell for NRI Telugus) to Chiranjeevi.”

Chiru Rajakeeyam need of the hour - Dr. Mitra
Chiranjeevi’s Political Advisor Dr. Mitra said: “Though I met some NRIs individually during my visits abroad, this platform here makes me more satisfied. I know… how busy you are. Living life in developed countries is not that much easy. You cover longer distances from your residences to the work stations. Despite the monotony, you have improved your lives and are able to help the Indian government and state governments as well. You have shown sea of awareness about the politics in Andhra Pradesh. You have responded to our leader Chiranjeevi. You understood his urge for the development of the poor and downtrodden. With all your support, definitely, we are going to have it. Yes, we are going to have it. Now let me tell you… what is the necessity for Chiranjeevi to come into politics? He clearly observed the state of affairs. Our state is endowed with the best of the natural and human resources. He wanted the prudential use of these factors. Also, he wants to concentrate on the areas of health and education. Above all, Chiranjeevi always says that sensitivity in politics is need of the hour. People should respond to the public issues more sensitively. For Chirunavvula Andhra Pradesh we need Chiru Rajakeeyam.”

Selfish politicians are enemies to rural uplift - Pawan Kalyan
Pawan Kalyan said: “As far as my knowledge goes, most of the NRIs from Andhra Pradesh come from very ordinary families. But, they proved themselves by hard work and struggle. Moved by the philosophy of Annayya (Chiru), I appeal to you…. Please go for adoption of villages for the sake your native state and its development. All big enthusiasts should come forward. The backward regions should get the patronage. Though a number of good hearted NRIs are there to adopt the villages for development, this is not being allowed in many areas because of local politics. Such elements are not interested in the development of villages. But, we shall progress in this direction under the leadership of Annayya.”

Protection of Human rights most important
“I have always been moved by an urge… to do something, yes to do something for my people. What is there in looking after our selfish goals always? I waited for the right person, right force. Now, I found Annayya is that person. Now, he has emerged for us. Let all of us work like activists for him. We should not forget that protection of human rights is most important. Downtrodden and deprived sections should be uplifted. Annayya Chiranjeevi will fulfill all these things,” Pawan Kalyan added.

Later, Pawan Kalyan went round the spacious hall and interacted with the NRI families. Most of the NRIs said that “there is a lot of admiration for them (mega brothers) in the US.” The women said that they preferred to stay in Andhra Pradesh till the elections are completed and Chiru is made the Chief Minister. A lady said in a lighter vein: I am a big fan of Chiru. By default a fan of Pawan Kalyan. The actor seeing some youth wearing T-Shirts showing Jai Chiranjeeva felt exicted and told them: “Had I known that you would come like this, I too would have come in T-Shirt” (Pawan was wearing a Blue Shirt on Blue jeans).


Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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