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Pellam Voorelithe 100 days function
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Pellam Voorelithe 100 days function

4th May 2003
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The 100 days function of Siri Media Arts 'Pellam Voorelithe' was celebrated in style today night at Rock Gardens, Madapur. The guest list for this function includes Minister Umareddy Venkateswarlu, Dr. Rama Naidu, Chiranjeevi, Venkatesh, Uday Kiran and K Raghavendra Rao.

Srikanth, Umareddy Venkateswarlu and Rakshita did a joint distribution of shields to the exhibitors where Pellam Voorelithe ran for 100 days. Venkatesh gave away the mementos to the senior technicians of the film. Rama Naidu, Jyoti and Sangeeta handed over the shields to the distributors of this film. K Raghavendra Rao and Uday Kiran did a joint distribution of shields to technicians. Chiranjeevi gave shields to Srikanth, Venu, Sangeeta, Rakshita, Jyoti, Renu, Brahmanandam, Giribabu, Ali, Suman Setty and LB Sreeram

Speaking on this occasion Dr. Rama Naidu said that this film ran for 100 days in his theater Jyothi in Vizag. He felt that the film had all clean ingredients to become a big hit.

Uday Kiran said that the producers are very good people. Uday said that Srikanth is the most endearing person to him. He opined that 'Pellam Voorelithe' is the real genuine hit that came without doing any gimmicks.

Chiranjeevi said that he is suffering from pain. Hence the producers hesitated to ask to come to the function. But Chiranjeevi has taken initiative and graced the function. Chiranjeevi sang strings of the praises for the producer duo - Allu Arvind and Aswini Dutt. He said that their journey started with 'Pelli Sandadi' and continued till 'Pellam Voorelithe'.

Chiranjeevi commended director SV Krishna Reddy sticking to his ethics of making clean entertaining films. Chiranjeevi expressed his happiness for SV Krishna Reddy for starting his second innings with Pellam Voorelithe.

Chiranjeevi became little sentimental about the adulation showed by Srikanth. Chiranjeevi remembered that it was Srikanth and other artists who supported him on '18th April Crisis'. Chiranjeevi said that he is lucky to have a brother like Srikanth. Chiranjeevi commended Srikanth's ability to do two contrasting characters in 'Khadgam' and 'Pellam Voorelithe' at a same time.

Director SV Krishna Reddy felt that Chiranjeevi is the reason behind the success of 'Pellam Voorelithe' He said that it was Chiranjeevi who kept on giving him moral support and words of encouragement during the making of this movie. He said that when producers of Allu Arvind and Aswini Dutt caliber are making films, the productions costs might be different for small and big films. But nonetheless, the collections are going to be same and 'Pellam Voorelithe' proved it again. Krishna Reddy said that Srikanth and Venu acted in the film without showing any egos and inhibitions. He thanked cameraman Ram Prasad and dialogue writer Chintapally Ramana.

Hero Venu said that he is a very shy guy. He is very happy to have found a new friend in Srikanth during the making this movie.

Srikanth remembered the presence of Chiranjeevi at 175 days function of 'Pelli Sandadi' in Vijayawada. He also thanked Chiranjeevi for coming again to 100 days function of Pellam Voorelithe. He also remembered the sweet films like Vinodam, Ahwanam and Egire Pavurama in the combination of SV Krishna Reddy.

Jhansi and Sunitha anchored this event. The other special attraction for this occasion is 'Chilaka Josyam'. Ali and Ooha tested their 'Josyam' with a parrot brought from Chempapet.

Incidentally, this is the second filmy function that is celebrated at Rock Gardens so far. The fist function was 100 days function of Santosham for which Chiranjeevi graced as chief guest.

Photogallery (Photos by Giri)

Chiranjeevi to Rakshita

Chiranjeevi to Sangeeta

Chiranjeevi to Venu

Chiranjeevi & Venky to SV Krishna Reddy

The gang

The gang

Srikanth, Chiru, Venky, Uday & Venu

Chiru to Srikanth

Chiru to Jyoti (Tilottama)

Srikanth, Chiru, Venky, Uday & Venu

Chiru, Allu Arjun, KRR

Uday, Chiru, Paruchuri & KRR

Chiru to Aswini Dutt

Jyoti, D Rama Naidu & Sangeeta


Srikanth, Chiru, Suresh Babu, Arvind

Aswini Dutt, Chiru, Suman Setty, Arvind

DRN, Jyoti, Santosham Suresh, Sangeeta & Arvind

Aswini Dutt, Chiru, Ali, KRR, Arvind

Chiru, LB Sriram & Arvind

Chiru to Renu

D Rama Naidu, Brahmanandam & Arvind

Rakshita with kids

ex actress Ooha (w/o Srikanth)

Suneeta with Ooha

The chilaka josyam scene


Chiru with Allu Arjun


Chiru with SV Krishna Reddy


Chiru with Venkatesh


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