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Photo previewed to students
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August 30, 2006
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Siva Nageswara Rao who made his debut with trendsetting blockbuster Money has currently produced and directed a film titled Photo which is due for the release on 1st of September. Our Telugu film industry walas don’t encourage the concept of having previews with the fear of story being leaked and spreading of negative feedback. But Siva Nageswara Rao previewed this film to 20 youngsters and took their feedback to do post production improvements. All the patron responded in a positive way. caught up with these youngsters for an honest feedback. Here it is

Neeta (B Tech student): Starting of the film is bit slow. Second half is interesting. There are two songs in the film. The director shown the understanding between boy and girl in a very convincing style. Comedy by Suman Shetty is very good. Climax is different.

Prafulla (M Com student): Photo is a different love story with lots of suspense. There are not many fights in the film.

Mounika: Photo is a good film and director explored the relationships in a heart touching way. Comedy in the film is also good.

Anuradha (Software Engineer): Second half of the film is good with nice suspense and good comedy. The second song is also good.

Soumya (Software Programmer): Second half of the film, songs and comedy are good. Title is also different.

Radhika (Software Engineer): I liked the character of Swapna who is very responsible. Second half, comedy and suspense of the film are good.

Sujatha (Programmer): The comedy thread of Venu Madhav and Brahmandam is good. There is good mother (Jayasudha) sentiment. I enjoyed the comedy and songs are alright.

Kalyani (Chartered Accountant): I liked Bhanu’s character. Nutan Prasad’s appearance for few minutes is good. There is suspense.

Soujanya (MBA Student): I liked the understanding between lovers and the suspense.

Santoshi (B Com): I personally like love stories. Photo is a different love story. The story concept is good. Entire second half has suspense element.

Anil (student): It is very difficult to insert comedy in a suspense film. But Siva Nageswara Rao mixed comedy with suspense very well. The story of Photo is based on a real incident I read in newspapers. Jayasudha’s mother sentiment is a fetching point.

Ashok (B Com): I like films like A Film by Arvind and this film too belongs to that genre. I liked Photo a lot.

Sunil (B Tech): Narration of the film is excellent. This film shows that love is means understating between the couple. Photo is a thriller.

Ramu (B Com): Photo is a film with good suspense, hilarious comedy and breezy romance.

Srikanth (B Com): I liked the first song. Climax is good. This film has mother sentiment.

Rajesh (B Com): I saw many thrillers in Bollywood. But for the first time I am seeing such a kind of thriller in Telugu.

Photo is aimed at the age group of 16 to 25 - Siva Nageswara Rao
Speaking on the occasion director and producer Siva Nageswara Rao said, “In the old days, KV Reddy used to show double positive to people who are not related to film industry to seek feedback from them. I am very confident of the film Photo. That is the reason why I screened this film to these youngsters through it is risky. It is a kind of checkpoint to me so as to know whether I am moving at the right direction or not. The positive feedback by these people confirm that I am on the right path. Photo is aimed at the age group of 16 to 25. Photo is a romantic thriller. This film is releasing on 1st of September”

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