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Inauguration: Pixelloid Animation & Visual Effects Production House
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5th August 2005
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Pixelloid is an Animation & Visual effects production house and it provides intensive training in 3D Animation and Visual effects. Founded by a group of creative entrepreneurs, Pixelloid's vision is to create a talent pool and contribute to the growing strength of the visual media. A report by Anderson Consulting pegs the Indian animation industry at $550 million and estimates a growth rate of 30 per cent annually in the next three years resulting in a $15 billion industry by 2008. "The study also reports that India will receive more than $2 billion worth of animation business in the next three years. It also states that India could use 300,000 professionals in content development and animation by 2008, up from 27,000 three years ago".

But the road ahead for the Indian animation industry is laid with several challenges and hurdles like the shortage of human resources. Industry sources estimate that the number of animators that are available for employment each year, trained by private training institutions, would be around 1,500 to 2,000. However, these individuals would have to undergo further training in studios, before they are capable of taking on actual production work.

Keeping this in view, Pixelloid has designed their training programs in such a way that the students can jump right into a production environment and will no longer be needed to be trained again by the studio. Pixelloid, which has about 50 films to their team members credit, including a little work in Hollywood blockbusters like "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King" and "Cat in the Hat" and domestic works like "Super", "Mass", "Bhadra", "Sri Anjaneyam", "Aarya", now brings their production knowledge and expertise to their unique training programs. Unlike institutes grounded in software alone, Pixelloid conducts training in a simulated production environment that will imbibe the skills necessary to the individuals, who would learn their crafts from professionals actively working in the industry. This innovative approach bridges the gap between static classroom learning and the reality of a fast-paced 3D animation and visual effects production environment.

Most importantly, students' relationship with Pixelloid does not end with the course. Pixelloid provide post class support to help students launch their 3D careers by providing freelance work, internship and networking opportunities.

Pixelloid's production team consists of highly experienced and creative individuals. Be it visual effects for Film & Broadcast or an architectural walkthrough or a complete 3D animation feature, equipped with high-end systems, the latest software and an intensely passion driven creative team, Pixelloid is geared up to take on any visual feast.

The inaugural ceremony of Pixelloid was inaugurated by Shri Tammareddy Krishna Murthy, on 19th August 2005 at 9:10am at Khairatabad, Hyderabad.

The function was followed by screening of Pixelloid's demo, which was attended by prominent personalities like Puri Jaganadh, Dil Raju, R.P. Patnaik, Meher Ramesh, Phani Sunder, etc. The event was covered by TV media like ETV, TV9 and Gemini TV.

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