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Batukamma platinum disc function
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July 9, 2008


Platinum Disc function of Bathukamma, a Sindhu Tolani starrer on Telangana culture and tradition, was held today at Film Chamber building, Hyderabad. Madhura Entertainments, which is marketing the audio, arranged the event on the occasion of selling more than 75,000 cassettes in Telangana districts. Made on Kakatiya Films banner, it is directed by T. Prabhakar. It is produced by new comers P.S. Rammohan Rao and M. Vanaja Chandrashekar Rao. Released on May 1st, it recently celebrated its 50 days function and is expected to cross the 100 day mark in a good number of theatres in the region.

Producer Lagadapati Sridhar (of Larsco Entertainments) attended the function as the chief guest. The participants included Goreti Venkanna (who played actor), Dr. Andhesri (lyricist), produces, director and Sridhar Reddy (Madhura Entt.).

Great public response to Bathukamma
Lagadapati Sridhar said: “I am happy to know that Bathukamma received widespread patronage in the Telangana region. At a time when film production is going fully commercial, the gesture of these new producers in addressing the pressing problems of the Telangana through Bathukamma is appreciable. I heard the songs and they are really good and thought provoking. I congratulate all the artistes and technicians who worked for Bathukamma. I hope more and more number of films like this film will come in the future. My special appreciation is to Sridhar Reddy, who dared to release Bathukamma audio without expecting commercial gains. His belief in the audio really gave him good results today, selling more than 75,000 cassettes and the orders still pouring in.”

Bathukamma music swept T-villages
Sridhar Reddy said: “We never expected that Bathukamma audio will get a huge response like this. In fact, they (producers) gave me Bathukamma project free. We are really satisfied with the project as the audio has become a household product in many Telangana villages and towns. Each day, the orders are increasing. I hope to present a big cheque to the producers next time.”

Play Sinukamma song, Get Rains
Dr. Andhesri, who penned lyrics, too sang the song - Sinukamma – invoking Bathukamma for rains. The lyricist and producers sought the state government to arrange playing of the song – Sinukamma – in open areas. “This will surely bring copious rains. In fact, there is no need for spending huge amounts on churning of clouds.” They also cited the instances when it either drizzled or rained each time the particular song was played during the shooting of the film.

Goreti Venkanna said that Bathukamma represented not only the hopes and aspirations of the people of Telangana, but all the regions of the state. He predicted that Bathukamma will be received well in Andhra and Rayalaseema areas also. (Yet to be released). In this context, he sang the title song Bathukamma Bathukamma for the gathering.

Photo gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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