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Aakasamantha press meet
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November 16, 2008


Dil Raju is producing the Telugu version of Tamil film that is being produced by Prakash Raj with Trisha as heroine. This film is titled as ‘Aakasamantha’ with the tagline ‘I Love My Daughter’. The unit arranged a press meet at Prasad Labs today.

Took the film after watching double positive – Dil Raju
Speaking on the occasion Dil Raju said, “I happened to the see the double positive of the Tamil version in RFC one night and found it to be enjoyable. It is a full-length entertainer with family values. I asked Prakash Raj that I would produce the Telugu version. Only 8 day of shooting is pending for Telugu version. Prakash Raj and Trisha play father – daughter duo. This film is the production no.8 in Sri Venkateswara Creations banner. Vidya Sagar composed music and there are four full songs and two bit songs.”

A personal film to me – Prakash Raj
Prakash Raj said, “I have two daughters. Dil Raju has a daughter. Director Radha Mohan has a daughter. I always wanted to make a film on father – daughter relationship. Radha Mohan had a subject on similar lines and I loved it. A father is born when a daughter is born. But most of the times, the father stops growing as the daughter starts growing and there becomes a huge communication gap between the father and the daughter. This film is about letting the daughter go. It is like a personal film for me. Aakasamantha is a film with the soul and made from the heart. Trisha played two gets up as a 14 year old girl and a grown up woman. She shed weight for the 14 year old girl in this film. It will remain as a memorable film for Trisha. The Telugu version of the film will release in the last week of December and the Tamil version of the film will release in the first week of December. Aakasamantha is a responsible film.”

A sensitive film with author-backed role - Trisha
Trisha said, “I loved Mozhi film produced by Prakash Raj and has been looking forward to work in his production. I feel lucky to do such a film like Aakasamantha which has an author-backed role. It is a sensitive which would be liked by all the people who love emotions. This film offers a bundle of emotions.”

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