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Aakasa Ramanna press meet
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March 18, 2009

aakasa ramanna

Producer Manyam Ramesh screened the theatrical trailer of his latest film Aakasa Ramanna today. Here are the excerpts of the press meet –

Release in the first week of April – Manyam Ramesh
Producer Manyam Ramesh said, “This is the fifth film on Manyam Entertainments banner. Shooting of Aakasa Ramanna is over. There are seven important characters in the film and there seven different dimensions to it. There is only one song in the movie featuring Madhu Sharma. We are also shooting a special promo song. This film is a character based film revolving around an incident that occurred at 12:40. We titled the film as Aakasa Ramanna as it symbolizes the curiosity. There will be a voiceover character that clears the doubts of audiences from time to time. Direction and photography of this film are going to be the highlights. The cinematographer brought a rich look to the movie. There is lot of scope for visual effects and rerecording in the movie. There is also ample entertainment in the film. At the same time, Aakasa Ramanna is not a thriller. We are aiming at 1st week of April release.”

Reverse screenplay for Aakasa Ramanna – Ashok
Director Ashok said, “I would like to thank Manyam Ramesh for understand the complex screenplay and coming forward to produce this film. I did reverse screenplay for this film which means that the climax is shown first and then the movie is narrated in the reverse format. I also made sure that there is no confusion in the film. This movie runs on Karma Siddhantham which says that the sinner should be punished. Aakasa Ramanna is an out and out entertainer.”

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