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Saikumar Birthday fete
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July 25, 2008


Dialogue King Saikumar celebrated his birthday today at FNCC, Hyderabad. The event was organized by the unit of Goodwill Creations, with its underproduction film Indrajit with a patriotic subject. Producer VR Prasad, director Guna Nagendra Prasad, child hero Master Indra (producer’s son, playing the title role as Indrajit), heroine Sangeetha, PJ Sharma, Ayyappa P. Sharma (Saikumar’s dad and brother), Baby Trisha and a few other child artistes were present. Some local BJP leaders also greeted the actor, who cut a big cake arranged by his fans.

Always message blocks in my films
Completing thirty-five years in the service of South Indian film industry, beginning as child artiste to hero to villain, Saikumar said that he would ever remain dedicated to the unity and harmony of India. Clad in white dress with a white jasmine fixed to his pocket, he said: “Jai Sriram. I am thankful to all those who have come here to greet me. Now, my wife and children are in Chennai. Though I am away from them, I enjoy your company and I feel it my duty to be working in films with messages imbibed in them. You will surely find that all my films have message in them. They are liked by all sections – women, children, youth, students and others. The current film Indrajit has the theme: That it is the duty of the parents to bring up the children in their own route, identifying their interests and nurturing the same.”

Condemns bomb blasts
Taking out a small picture of his mother from pocket, Saikumar said: “The film Indrajit has me playing a real life character. I play the role of a military officer. Generally, army personnel just come and visit their families for a brief while and again they are called back. On one such occasion, the boy would be engrossed into a newspaper. I ask him what he is doing; and he says he is busy searching for a job. The boy will also show the purse with photo of parents in it”. At this point, Saikumar turned emotional and condemned the bomb blasts in Ahmedabad yesterday and Bangalore the previous day. “All the people of India should unit and fight out this terrorism. How militancy is fought by a family is all about Indrajit”.

Plethora of films soon
Saikumar said he graduated himself from a BJP sympathizer to activist to party candidate to present a leader. “Though I have lost the election at the Communist bastion, Bhagepalli in Karnakata, I won the heats of thousands of people who voted me.” “My films – Jai Bhadrakali with Kodi Ramakrishna is likely to release soon. I am also doing the film on Saibaba. Tiruvannamalai is the film which I am doing jointly with hero Arjun in Tamil. Besides, a Bollywood film is also coming up in which I play the role akin to the one usually done by an actor like Nana Patekar. A Malayalam film will also be there. Finally, I will be doing mythological roles also, particularly my favorite Duryodhana, though not on the big screen, but on the TV entertainment.”

Sangeetha plays the role of a housewife, who teaches the kid (child hero) at home. Ramyakrishna does the role of a Teacher. Bhanuchander plays a vital role. Other artistes include Suttivelu, Ranganath, Jeeva, Prasad Babu, Vinod, Prudhvi, Ragini, Rajitha and others. It has music by Kumar. Camera is handled by Anji. Of the sixty days shot so far, 40 days were shot in Hyderabad.

Photo gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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