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Press meet - Konchem Kothagaa
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June 14, 2008

konchem kothaga

Koncham Kothaga on June 26th
Koncham Kothaga, a murder mystery with comedy and horror elements, is going to release on June 26th. Made on Sapara Arts banner, the film is produced by Vemuru MLA Dr. Satish Palraj and his son-in-law Abraham Kalvakuri. New face Raju Rajendra Prasad is the director. A press meet was arranged today to announce the film’s release date as June 26th.The movie stars six artistes only - Venkat, Tulip Joshi, Ali, Asish Vidyarthi, Benerjee and Latha Sabarwal. The theme of the movie, according to director, is in its very tagline – UR not alone when UR alone. A trailer screened to the media showed the heroine vanishing in the concluding frame.

Dialogue-less first half; songs-less second half
Producer Satish Palraj said: “It is a purely a commercial experiment. The first half is silent without dialogues. The second half has no songs at all. This way, the title is apt for the film. My association with film industry is for forty years, but this is my first film. I waited for long for a good story, which I go now. Such interesting stories should be patronized always. Now, I am not bothered about the film’s result. I am confident that it will sure create a trademark in the industry. Even if it fails, I don’t care for the money I might lose. A movie like this is based on the real-life incidents.”

No hero, all about six characters
Hero Venkat said: “My role can’t be called as that of a hero’s. Basically, the film is story-centric and characters-oriented. There are six characters in the film and all of them are very important to run the show. These days, there is a big seat from the audience for horrors and thrillers. Koncham Kothaga is modeled on the lines of a Hollywood flick, considering its script and technical standards. I am thankful to the producers and director for giving me an opportunity to make a comeback into Tollywood. Generally, the producers are after big heroes and successful heroes. The publicity strategy adopted by producer Abraham Kalvakuri is good and commercially viable.”

Ran from pillar to post
Director Raju Rajendra Prasad said: “I ran from pillar to post carrying the script with me. None had really given me an opportunity. It is Satish Pal Raj and Abraham Kalvakuri, who patiently listened to my script and offered me the project. I shall never be belying their hopes. The filmmakers like to frighten the audience in the night-effect scenes. But, you will get terrified with our daylight scenes.”

Visualized script frame by frame
Abraham Kalvakuri said: “I have been waiting for the opportunity to produce a different film that would really entertain the audiences to the core. It is made possible thanks to the excellent script of Raju Ravindra Prasad. While narrating the script, the director made us visualize the entire movie frame by frame. I am thankful to Tulip Joshi, the heroine, for all her support, despite being a busy actress. “

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