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Manorama press meet
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March 18, 2009


The press meet of Zee Motion Pictures second Telugu film Manorama was held at Film Chamber today. This press meet was graced by Charmme, Eeswara Reddy, Suresh, Koti, Venigalla Rambabu, Sridhar Rao, Lahari, Pradeep etc

Manorama film chooses love over hatred - Suresh
Executive producer and actor Suresh said, “I liked the basic story narrated by Eeswar Reddy. Like AR Rehman said in Oscar awards podium, there is always a choice of love and hatred for us to choose. This story is about taking the option of love. I saw the final product and Charmme has done an amazing job. Koti is the hero of this film. He also rendered his voice.”

Music director Koti said, “The producer and director gave me lots of support and freedom. Charmme gave a balanced performance in this film.”

The story happens between sunrise and sunset - Charmme
Actress Charmme said, “The story of the film happened in one day between sunrise and sunset. This film was shot in 30 days. It was a challenging talk to work in this film and the director controlled me a lot to get the right performance. I did not wear make-up for this film. It is a natural film. There is one wonderful song called Life antene enjoy. The theme music of my film is put as dialer tone on my mobile. The producer did not compromise and erected a huge set of Koti area. A new boy Nishan did as male lead in this film. Manorama is shot in digital format.”

Actor and model Sridhar Rao said that he is doing a positive role for the first time in his career.

We can conquer anything with love – Eeswar Reddy
Director Eeswar Reddy said, “The producer is so passionate about the film that he did not put any budget limitations. He sanctioned 40 lacs for Koti set. We also experiment in this film by creating 500 rupees note as a character. This animated character makes interesting and funny observations throughout the film. I am sure that Manorama will stand as the best of Charmme’s films so far. I have the habit of telling my stories to Koti first and he gave good feedback. Then I gave a bound script to Zee. The main theme of the film is that we can conquer anything with love. Manorama will release on 27 March”

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