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Pressmeet: Mass (Dammunte Kasko)
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11th November 2004
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Annapurna Studios
Dammunte Kasko

Cast: Nagarjuna, Jyotika, Charmy, Raghuvaran, Rahul Dev, Prakash Raj, Sunil, Jeeva, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Venu Madhav, Draksharamam Sarojini, Swati Priya, Samir, Rajesh, Ramya, Narsing Yadav & Apoorva

Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Dialogues: Paruchuri brothers
Lyrics: Sahiti, Bhaskarabhatla & Viswa
Cinematographer: Shyam K Naidu
Art: Thota Tarani
Stunts: Vijay
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh
Story - Screenplay - Direction: Raghava Lawrence
Executive Producer: Y Supriya
Producer: Nagarjuna Akkineni

Old story & new presentation - Nagarjuna
Producer and hero Nagarjuna said that the shooting of Mass (Dammunte Kasko) is almost completed except for the climax and a couple of songs. Climax of the film is currently going on in Annapurna 7 acres. Nagarjuna said that this film has an old storyline and the scenes that have come in earlier films. But this film is presented in new style. Nagarjuna said that he did things in 'Mass' which he has not done in his earlier films.

I liked the energy in Lawrence - Nagarjuna
Speaking about Lawrence, he said that when picking up a new director he looks out for the energy level in that director. Nagarjuna complimented that Lawrence had it in abundance. There is fire in Lawrence and it helped him come up with a subject like 'Mass'. Nagarjuna also complimented that though Lawrence mastered the art of choreography, he conceived action sequences in much superior way. Nagarjuna said that Lawrence would amaze the audiences with the dances he composed. Love scenes in this film are new and trendy. Villain in this film is as powerful and impact making as hero just like the impact created by Bhavani character in Shiva film.

Saw the double positive and liked it very much - Nagarjuna
Nagarjuna has seen double positive of the film and liked it very much. And only after making sure that the film is good, Nagarjuna officially announced the title of the film as 'Mass' (Dammunte Kasko) and released the logo and designs of the film a couple of days back.

My character's name is Mass - Nagarjuna
Nagarjuna said that he is playing a street smart guy called 'Mass' in this film. He works for a car dealer's company. This film would have two villains - Raghuvaran and Rahul Dev - who are playing father and son. Raghuvaran is good at mind games where Rahul is good at muscle power. Together they unleash a lethal combination which is as powerful as that of hero's. This film would have the backdrop of Hyderabad and Vizag.

All rounder film with Stylish violence - Nagarjuna
Speaking about budget, Nagarjuna said that the film is made in a very reasonable subject as the film is being made out of fine teamwork, where director discusses everything with producer in stead of just asking for more and more. This film would have six songs and it is going to be an all-rounder film which would be liked by classes and masses. There would be violence in this film. But violence would be a stylish one, which does not be an aversion for peace-loving family crowds.

Nagarjuna okayed the film in 1 hour - Lawrence
Director Lawrence said that he is feeling very lucky to make his debut as director through the prestigious and the most successful banner - Annapurna Studios. Lawrence thanked Nagarjuna for visualizing the talent in him and for giving him an offer. Lawrence said that he narrated subject to two big heroes and he though that the project was about to roll on after gauging their response. But none of them made any move to start the project. He narrated a love subject to Nagarjuna and Nagarjuna suggested few changes and with in an hour of listening to script, Nagarjuna announced that he would do this film on Annapurna Studios banner. This film would be an action film with love backdrop.

My character is true to life - Charmy
Charmy said that he is playing a mass character of Priya. And her character in this film has striking resemblances to her real self - excessively talkative, bubbly and vivacious. She is feeling proud to be working with Nagarjuna. Charmy said that she liked her hairdo and dresses in this film. She dances with Nagarjuna for 2 songs in this film.

23rd December 2004 release
Stunt master Vijay said that the stylish action sequences in this film are being seamlessly integrated into the narrative of the film. Audio of Mass would be released on 23rd November. Mass would be releasing on 23rd of December 2004.

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