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Mr Gireesam press meet
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September 26, 2008


Mr. Gireesam, the film starring lead comedian Krishna Bhagwan in the title role, is finished to its shoot by 75%. The film is made on RC Creations banner. Director is Viswa Prasad. Producer is K. Ramesh Chandra Banerjee Babu, a well-known social activist from Nizamabad. A media briefing was held at a private guest house at Film Nagar, Hyderabad.

Krishna Bhagwan said: "Till now, we have finished 75% of the shoot, including four songs out of five. Two schedules were done and we are going to finish the third and last schedule by October 10. The film is likely to release early November. The concept is base on the popular character of Gireesam in Kanyasulkam, a legendary literary work of Gurajada Appa Rao. The character of Madhura Vani is being chiseled in a very exciting manner with a realistic touch based on the literary work. Major highlight is that the film will have a fine message for the audience. A major strength is that Mr. Gireesam is being made in a completely commercial format to suit the modern audience. Comedy is the lifeline of the film."

Balaji, senior artiste, said that he felt happy to be doing the role of a police officer in Mr. Gireesam. "Subject holds lot of importance. I am thankful to my producer and director for giving me this opportunity to work in this film."

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