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Quick Gun Murugan press meet
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October 1, 2008


Dr. Rajendra Prasad's bilingual film titled "Quick Gun Murugan" (in Tamil and English) is set for release soon. The film presented by Monte Cristo International is a Phat Phish Motion Pictures Production. Distributor for the English version is Hollywood major – The 20th Century Fox. Rajendra Prasad today arranged a press meet to present the details about the film, at FNCC, Hyderabad.

About Cowboy of 60s and 70s
Rajendra Prasad said: "I take genuine pride in having acted in an English film being the first Telugu hero. I have no godfathers in this film industry, but only God. I always believed in God and advanced forward. The film Quick Gun Murugan is an English film with the backdrop of Tamil, just like Jackie Chan doing an English film (called Chinese English film). This happens to be a unique character of mine in the title role in all my 32 years of career. Quick Gun Murugan is the type of a character that would suit legends like MGR and NTR. It comes in the backdrop of a cowboy film of the 60s and 70s. A lot of research is made into this character to suit the cowboy taste for the modern audiences. My character fires the gun in the air, jumping, flying, riding, running and so on. It is a complete action film yet with comedy."

Quick Gun Murugan – Like Lord Krishna
"Director Sashank Gosh made Quick Gun Murugan a full-length character, while it was earlier used to be a small role in ad films in West Bengal. The hero loves the cattle. He is like Lord Krishna. He promotes vegetarianism. He defeats the purpose of the villain (named Reddy) who wants to set up a Beef-serving restaurant. It is a hilarious comedy, but with a serious message and tone also. In all my films, you will find the social motive. For instance, take Ladies Tailor. It dealt with the superstitions. My recent films Aa Naluguru and Mee Sreyobhilashi too have that streak. This film will help a great deal in making the Western world know about Indian ethos and its adherence to vegetarianism."

Show in London on Oct 16
"Quick Gun Murugan will be screened in London on October 16th. This film is one among the 6 films selected from all over South East Asia. I am happy to announce that 20th Century Fox bought this film and is distributing the English version."

Technical Details
"Special Effects are handled by Oscar Award winner Tim from Los Angeles. The film was shot extensively at a specially erected set in Nanakramguda cine village. Important scenes were also canned in Pune, apart from using various studios in Mumbai. Graphics are executed in Hong Kong. There are two songs (duration of a minute each) for me and for Rambha (who plays the vamp character). Heroine is played by Malayalam girl (in film also she does the role of a Kerala Kutty) Anu Menon. One of the songs is - O Little Flower, See Your Love – originally sung by TM Soundarajan for a yesteryear Tamil blockbuster of MGR," Rajendra Prasad said.

Ready to act in Hollywood films
Replying to a question, Rajendra Prasad said that he was ready to act in Hollywood films, provided opportunities should come to me. "Who would dare to miss the opportunity if it comes?" Interestingly, he delivered some dialogues (in English) as sample.

Cast: Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Naseer, Gaurav Kapoor, Anu Menon, Sandhya Mridul, Ashwin Mushran, Vinay Pathak, Shanmuga Rajan, Raju Sundaram, Rambha and others.

Crew: Director – Shashanka Gosh; Screenplay – Rajesh Devraj; Music – Daniel George; Cinematography – RA Krishna; Editing – Rabi Ranjan Moitra; Producer – Anand Surapur.

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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