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Kamli unit enjoys getting National Award
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June 14, 2008


Unit members of Kamli, the winner of 54th National Film Awards (Best regional film), today celebrated the occasion at Hampi Restaurant, Hyderabad. Producers Haricharana Prasad and Sukanya; director KNT Sastry and male lead Shafi shared their feelings with the media about the award winning film. Senior character artistes Sivakrishna and Rallapalli (currently doing prime roles in the film Shh… by the same producers) were also present. Special shields were presented to the cast and crew of Kamli at the venue.

Haricharana Prasad said: “The entire credit of winning the National Award for Kamli goes to our production house Apurva Chitra Films and director KNT Sastry. I personally thank all the cast and crew of the film. When Sastry narrated the script of Kamli, I never took it seriously. Later, it became a big project for us. I was in the US and my wife, in India. Both coordinated the project. The success of the film and the good response it got from one all encouraged me to shoot the second film Shh. It is going to release soon.”

Watching Telugu films a shame: Producer
The producer’s words that he felt ashamed to watch the Telugu films resulted in an embarrassing moment to the gathering. Sukanya, his wife and one of the producers, leveled the upsetting statement with her clever remark: “We always looked forward to have good Telugu films. Seeing our Kamli screened at International film events, we felt happy and proud.”

No State stuff, but only National: KNT Sastry
Director KNT Sastry made hot remarks without any sign of excitement in his face. “Whatever film I do, I will definitely get a National Award. This is my sixth such award. I have no belief in the producers here (Tollywood). They will never support films like Kamli here. I also have no belief or interest in State Awards.”

Kamli, extension of a documentary
Actor Shafi, costar of Nandita Das in Kamli, said Kamli looked like an extension of director KNT Sastry’s documentary – Harvesting Baby – on the phenomenon of selling baby girls in Telengana region. During the making of Kamli, producer Haricharana Prasad used to call me from the US and enquire about the progress. He was like my big boss, whom had not seen till then. I am hopeful that my second film with Apurva Chitra – Shh – will also be a success.” Comparing his characterization in two films (Kamli and Shh), Shafi said: “In Kamli, I drank toddy and smoked beedis. In Shh, I play the role of a doctor and advice people to quit smoking and booze.”

Actor Sivakrishna’s goes nostalgic
When a male anchor sought actor Sivakrishna (who had a stint as Censor Board chief), he seemed to have lost his cool. “Generally, I don’t attend functions of films which are ready for release. Speaking about such films is creating unnecessary hype. I am sick at this trend going on with many producers. I am here not to talk about the film Shh. But, about Kamli and KNT Sastry.” He reeled out a memoir, saying, but for his intervention as Censor Board Chairman, Sastry’s film Tiladanam would never have seen the light with U certificate. He desired that films like Kamli and Tiladanam should come in leaps and bounds. The artistes and technicians have to play vital roles in supporting the producers of such films. His sudden but cool twist towards the producer came as a big relief to the organizers.

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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