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Siddham press meet
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January 3, 2009


JD Chakri’s latest directorial venture is titled as ‘Siddham’. Jagapati Babu plays the role of encounter specialist in this film. Kiran Kumar Koneru produces it on Sreya productions banner. Amar Mohile composes music. This film is coming from the team that delivered Homam film.

Based on the life of encounter specialist Daya Nayak – Jagapati Babu
Speaking on the occasion Jagapati Babu said, “I always wanted to do a film of this genre. I am doing the role of a super cop and encounter specialist. This role is based on Daya Nayak (encounter specialist in Mumbai). Ram Gopal Varma provided the story. And doing such a role gave me immense satisfaction. Siddham is a stylized film with different look. I am working with people who possess lots of positive energy. Amar Mohile is giving terrific background music for the film. This film will release either in the last week of January or in the first week of February.”

Stark realities in Siddham – JD Chakri
JD Chakri said, “I knew Daya Nayak for a long time and spoken with his several times about encounters. He says that it is easy to die and it is extremely difficult to kill. I have shown the agony an encounter specialist goes through before and after killing. I also name the character of Jagapati Babu as Daya in the film. It is based on true life story and I had shown stark realities in Siddham. Jagapati Babu is keen on bringing more social awareness with this film. Siddham is a compilation of many realistic incidents. There are no stunts in the film, but a few realistically captured chase and encounter episodes. I would like to thank my producer Kiran who back all of us with 100% conviction. He placed a lot of trust on us.”

Mutual trust – Kiran Kumar Koneru
Producer Kiran Kumar Koneru said, “I felt very comfortable working with Jagapati Babu and JD. We made Homam film, successfully released it and promoted it aggressively and made another film with the same time. This shows the kind of mutual trust we have on each other. The shooting is complete and we will release the film very soon.”

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