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Press Meet - Sivakasi
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29th November 2005
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Sriram Films International

Cast: Arjun, Jagapati Babu, Vedika, Gajala, Santosh Pavan, Sunil, MS Narayana, Mohan Raj, Vimal Raj, Phani, Jeeva, Mahesh Kumar, PK Devar, Tarzan, Vinodan Raj, Padma Jayanthi, Ramya

Dialogues: Sainath
Music: D Iman
Lyrics: Bhuvana Chandra
Cinematography: Selvaraj
Stunts: Amin Ghani & Karpoor
Choreography: Raju Sundaram
Editing: P Sai Suresh
Art: Sri

Co-Producer: Sumalatha Amarnath
Presented by: Lakshmi Ganapathi Films
Story - Screenplay - Producer - Direction: Arjun

Hero Arjun is making his debut as director and producer in Telugu with a film titled Sivakasi. This film stars Arjun and Jagapati Babu in the male leads. Shooting of the film is completed. Producer Arjun arranged a press meet to share the news -

Sivakasi film release on Sankranthi 2006 - Arjun
Producer Arjun said, "Sivakasi is a contemporary commercial flick. I directed a few films in Tamil, but this is my first directorial venture in Telugu. Shooting of the film is completed and dubbing of the film is currently going on. Audio of the film would be released in 10 days and we are planning to release Sivakasi for Sankranthi 2006. There would be 5 songs in the film. We shot 3 songs in London and 2 songs in Hyderabad. The fights in this film are going to be natural and believable. Popular Bollywood fight master Amin Ghani composed fights of climax in Mumbai. Sunil's comedy in this film is hilarious and gels well with the flow of narration. We are going to do digital grading to this film for sophisticated look. The story of the film has the backdrop of gangsters in Mumbai."

Hero Jagapati Babu said, "It is difficult to do multistarrers these days. But with a friend like Arjun it is so easy. I am so confident of the success of Sivakasi that I have not accepted any movies now. I want to wait till the result is out and then accept next venture. Lakshmi Ganapathi films are good at promoting any film rigorously. I request my fans not to bother about footage of my character in this film. I am doing a very serious role akin to that of Gayam. There is Ramu's style of making in Sivakasi. I have only one song in this film."

Comedy actor Sunil said, "I did the role of Telugu cabbie in Mumbai and a friend of Arjun. This character is being done by Vivek in Tamil version. I like Arjun's measured performance. There is another specialty in this film. I did a role of junior artist in Tamil version and Vivek did the same in Telugu version."

Presenter Subramanyam, "I would like to thank Arjun for giving me the opportunity to distribute Sivakasi. This is the result of 9 months of hard work."

Another hero Santosh Pavan said, "I did the childhood character of Arjun in Hanuman Junction film. Now I am playing brother of Jagapati Babu in this film. I feel really lucky to be working with such big heroes."

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