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Varudu press meet
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30 March 2010


Director Guna Sekhar arranged the press meet of his latest film Varudu which is due for the release on 31 March. Allu Arjun attended it.

40 minutes of runtime for wedding in Varudu – Guna Sekhar
Guna Sekhar said, “They used to follow a 5-days marriage procedure in Andhra Pradesh around 100 years back. That culture is slowly diminishing and we have weddings happening in the duration of 5 minutes now. When I approached Veturi with this concept, he introduced me to a few elderly scholars who briefed me about the rituals of wedding. Art director Ashok came up with a set of pelli pandiri. The pelli pandiri set is an eco-friendly one with green leaves all over. People used to follow dress code to attend the weddings in those days. We had to show the wedding taking place during wee morning hours and it is virtually impossible to get that look with naked camera eye. I used the camerawork by RD Rajasekhar, art direction by Ashok and special effects by Alagan Swamy to come up with natural looking visuals. We shot the 5-day wedding process in the movie for 50 days and it will occupy the screen time for 40 minutes. I had a bitter experience with my earlier movie Sainikudu as prints didn’t reach in time during the release. That is the reason why I stressed that prints should reach the theatres a day in advance. Our prints were ready 4 days before the release.”

100% of the credit of success should go to Guna Sekhar – Allu Arjun
Allu Arjun said, “Guna Sekhar narrated me the story in 2 minutes and I liked 4 scenes narrated in that 2-minute narration. I am very happy now that he made the movie exactly the way I expected it. I always wanted to work with Guna Sekhar and 100% credit for the success of the movie should go to him. If it becomes a failure, it will be a collective responsibility of the entire team. First half of the movie revolves around the wedding process. The second half will have loads of action elements with Arya doing a wonderful and powerful character of a villain. We are promoting movie as a traditional movie with wedding stills in the beginning. But what you see in posters will be there only in the first half. The second half is filled with excellent action episodes. I would like to thank Arya for coming forward to do a villain role though he is a star in Tamil. I can confidently say that the heroine introduction episode in Varudu is the best of all heroine intro scenes of the movies that came in the last 10 years.”

Photos gallery (Photos by G Narasaiah)
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