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Yagam on 20 March
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March 17, 2010


Yagam which is expected to release on 19 of this month is shifted to 20 March as there is likely to be a bandh of Telugu film industry on that day. The unit of Yagam arranged a press meet. Bhumika and Navadeep attended it.

Navadeep said, “Yagam director Arun Prasad made film titled Gowtam SSC in the past. He used different format for Yagam. 90% of this film was shot in Bangkok. The story has Bangkok backdrop. I am doing the role of a bar tender. Bhumika Chawla plays airhostess. Kam Sharma played my colleague in bar. Yagam will be a different movie. Initially we thought of releasing the movie on 19 March. Since there could be a bandh of film industry, we shifted the release date from 19 to 20th March.”

Producer and actor Bhumika Chawla said, “Yagam is a variety movie. There are only two songs in this movie, hence we decided against releasing the music album. I worked in Telugu film industry for the past 10 years and earned money. That is the reason why I want to produce movies in Telugu. I will make one or two Telugu films every year. I am happy as a producer of this movie.”

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