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Success Meet - Bhagyalakshmi Bumper Draw
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November 21, 2006

Nidhi Prasad’s latest comedy flick ‘Bhagyalakshmi Bumper Draw’ is running with good talk. Success meet of Nidhi Prasad’s latest film Bhagyalakshmi Bumper Draw was held at Film Nagar Cultural Club on the evening of 21st November. This meet was attended by Rajendra Prasad, Nidhi Prasad, Chakri, Praveen, Venu Madhav, Kondavalasa, Benarjee, Ram Jagan, Sudarshan, Kadambari Kiran and Kandikonda.

Speaking on the occasion music director Chakri said, “BLBD got instant hit talk. I got this instant hit talk after a gap of two years after Satyam film. I am very thankful to the director Nidhi Prasad.”

It was a big challenge to remake Priya Darshan’s film – Nidhi Prasad
Director Nidhi Prasad said, “Rajendra Prasad not only worked hard on the screen, he also worked hard behind the scenes in coordinating the shoot that involved many artists at a time. After making this film I realized how difficult it is to direct comedy films. I was a big challenge for me to direct Priya Darshan’s script. We had to do two hours of journey to reach the shooting location every day. I would like to thank Kondala Reddy who came forward and bought Nizam rights at reasonable price. I had negotiated with distributors using my good will. Adi Narayana (Guntur), Babji (Vizag) and NV Prasad (Ceded) bought the rights 48 hours before film release based on my personal relationships with them. I wish that buyers would encourage small films like BLBD and mutually benefit from the well made small budget films.”

Nidhi Prasad belongs to the league of LV Prasad, Jandhyala and Vamsi – Rajendra Prasad
Hero Rajendra Prasad said, “Comedy films generate instant hit talk by 5 pm on the release day if the film were good. Even today (Monday), the theaters are houseful and people are buying tickets in black. I am very happy about it. Nidhi Prasad is committed director and he made very good nativity changes. There are times when I literally fought with the director and I am happy that result is fruitful. I am proud of Nidhi Prasad and his director department’s work. People were expecting a full length comedy role from me and I am glad to deliver it through BLBD. Nidhi Prasad belongs to the league of comedy directors LV Prasad, Jandhyala and Vamsi.”

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