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Success Meet - Chandamama
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September 14, 2007

Success meet of Krishna Vamsi’s latest film Chandamama was held at Film Nagar Cultural Center on the night of 14 September. This meet was attended by C Kalyan, Krishna Vamsi, Nagababu, Ahuti Prasad, Navadeep, Siva Balaji, Sindhu Menon, Kajal Agarwal, Rajitha, Joga Rao, Radha Krishnan, Murella Prasad, Srinivasa Raju, Shankar, Sai Sri Harsha, Peddada Murthy etc.

First hit in my 25 years and 29 films career - C Kalyan
C Kalyan said, “This is the first press meet we are holding after the conceptualization of this project. The movie lovers are appreciating this film. Incidentally, this is my first success in my career of 25 years. I produced 29 films so far. None of the earlier films became hits. Krishna Vamsi gifted me my first hit in the form of Chandamama. I started my career as an assistant director and worked with many directors. I became a producer. I would like to thank everybody for helping me with this film.”

My films reflect Indian traditions and story values - Krishna Vamsi
Krishna Vamsi said, “Team work is important for success of any film. If people like elements in a film, then it would become a hit. If people does not like a film, we cannot term it as a bad film. I had been narrating the story of this film for the past four years to various producers and none of them came forward. I would like to thank C Kalyan for his gusty effort to producer this film. This film boasts of amazing art work. Nagababu and Ahuti Prasad are great assets. I never directed blockbusters. But I always made sure that my films reflect the Indian traditions and good story value.”

I imagined my daughter Niharika while doing daughter-father scenes - Nagababu
Nagababu said, “Each and every character got due recognition in this film. Everybody did a great work. While doing scenes in Kajal I imagined my own daughter Niharika and acted in those situations. Kajal is an extraordinary actress. Krishna Vamsi is a good friend of mine. It is our fortune that we have a director like Krishna Vamsi in film industry. It will be a good break for any artist to act in Krishna Vamsi films.”

Chandamama is an answer to those guys who have written off Krishna Vamsi - Ahuti Prasad
Ahuti Prasad said, “Krishna Vamsi instilled great faith in me by giving a different character. This is the most popular character I had ever done in my career. I will be indebted to Krishna Vamsi through out my life. Chandamama is an answer to those guys who have written off Krishna Vamsi.”

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