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Success meet - Ontari
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February 24, 2008


Success meet of Ontari film is organized by producer Pokuri Babu Rao today afternoon at Film Nagar cultural club.

Speaking on the occasion director BV Ramana said, “Ontari film had all the commercial elements and a novel point. We followed new type of narration. Gopichand donned a role which has lots of shades in it. We shot the oil fight that comes in the interval for 6-7 days. Gopichand has two get ups in the film. All the action sequences are smoothly linked up to the story. Bhavana will make it big in Telugu film industry. Vamera work and background music also helped the film a lot. Producer gave me freedom after putting me in observation for 4 days.”

Producer Pokuri Babu Rao said, “This is 14th film on Eetaram banner. T Krishna is the reason for establishing this banner 24 years back and we had three films in T Krishna direction - Neti Bharatam, Desamlo Dongalu Paddaru and Repati Pourulu. I continue the legacy and made socially relevant films later too. I changed the style and made a few pure commercial films like Maa Ayana bangaram, Ranam and Ontari. I made Ontari only to provide entertainment. But the subject of schizophrenia which offered novelty to an otherwise routine revenge formula. The flashback narration is also new. BV Ramana is a talented director and he would make it big if gets a good subject. Mani Sharma gave his best audio to Eetaram banner with Ontari. Gopichand has already reach the top rung heroes list with Lakshyam. Bhavana is a plus to the film. Ontari is going to be a mile stone in the Eetaram banner.”

Actor Gopichand said, “I am getting good compliments for my work from all quarters. I would like to thank the director for extracting such a kind of performance from me. Paruchuri Gopala Krishna improvised the dialogues on the scene. Vijay came up with the idea of oil fight and it has got terrific response. Bhavana is a very efficient actress. I am very happy to have done this film.”

Actress Bhavana expressed her excitement over the success of the film.

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