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Vaadu Veedu success meet
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21 June 2011

Bala’s latest movie Veedu Vaadu with Vishal Arya in the title roles was released on the last friday. Producer Vikram Krishna organized the success meet of the movie. Here are the excerpts -

Vishal said, “My Telugu film is released after a gap of two years. This film is doing very well both in Telugu and Tamil. actor Arya is my close friend. He brought me the project and gave me the option of choosing the character as it’s a two-hero film. Arya is such a magnanimous guy. I don’t think any other actor has attempted a forced squint eye. Hence I am contemplating on applying for records book. This film will remain as one of the good films from GK Corporation. The buyers are happy with Veedu Vaadu.”

Arya said, “I am feeling really happy to do a second movie with Bala. Vishal has delivered a mind-blowing performance. Producer Vikram Krishna did a terrific promotion for the release of Vaadu Veedu.”

Actress Madhu Shalini said, “I am feeling extremely lucky to be a heroine in Bala’s film. Vishal has worked very hard and he deserves a national award for his performance. There is no make-up for me in this movie and I feel good to be paired up against Arya.”

Bala said, “Everybody is liking this movie. I have not made this movie for awards. I did this movie for Vishal and Arya. I expect Vishal to get an award for this movie. There are no stories in my movies as I concentrate more on characterizations. The character will be more effective when he has a physical defect and it worked big time for Vishal. All the dialogues are native in this movie.”

Producer Vikram Krishna said that Vaadu Veedu collected the best among the Vishal movies in Telugu. Nizam distributor said that Vaadu Veedu has generated the best openings for any of Vishal’s movies.

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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