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Adurs success meet
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January 18, 2010

Success meet of NTR’s latest film Adurs was held at office of producer Vamsi Vallabhaneni on the night of 18 January. It is attended by NTR, VV Vinayak, Brahmanandam, Vallabhaneni Vamsi, Chota K Naidu, Kona Venkat, Nallamalupu Bujji, MS Narayana and Rama Jogaiah Sastri.

Adurs is the biggest hit in my career – VV Vinayak
VV Vinayak said, “I would like to thank the movie lovers who made Adurs the biggest hit in my career. Adurs is the result of hard work of two years. Nallamalupu Bujji took care of production from the beginning. It was Kona Venkat who created Chari character which is getting lots of applause. Chota K Naidu did amazing work. During the music launch I said that only NTR could do Chari character and it turned out to be true. NTR’s mother called me and told that NTR is adorable in Chari character. PRO BA Raju is the reason for keeping the title as Adurs.”

It is a daring proposition for NTR to do Brahmin role - Brahmanandam
Brahmanandam said, “I did the role of NTR’s guru in this movie. VV Vinayak is the background hero of Adurs movie. NTR is a born actor and it is very difficult to match his talent. It is a daring thing to make a commercial hero do the role of a Brahmin. NTR did wonderful dances in the last song though he met with an accident. Director has gifted me a wrist watch after the shooting was over.”

Adurs is the first film in my new birth - NTR
NTR said, “I feel that all my films till Adurs were done in my last birth. I never felt that I could stand on my legs after the accident. I wanted to finish Adurs movie and see the result of it. Adurs became the biggest hit in my career. VV Vinayak is like my brother from another mother. I would like to thank all the technicians who worked for Adurs. Brahmanandam said that I dominated him and I would take it as a blessing. But I am sure that nobody can dominate Brahmandam and he is the best.”

Producer Vamsi said, “Me and Kodali Nani are biggest fans of the legend NTR. I feel that it is a great honor to produce a film with NTR. All of us became thick friends by the completion of the shoot. I didn’t like the title from the beginning. But journalists suggested that we should go with this title and it turned out to be a lucky one.”

Kona Venkat said, “Adurs proved the stamina of three letters called NTR. VV Vinayak is very creative. Nobody can do Chari character except for NTR.”

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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