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Success Meet - Anand
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24th October 2004
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Success function Sekhar Kammula's latest blockbuster 'Anand' was held at Chiran Fort on the night of 21st October 2004. The unit members graced this function to celebrate the success. The people who made it to the function include Sekhar Kammula, Raja, Kamalinee Mukherjee, Anish Kuruvilla, Satya, Anuj, Melkote, Chandan, Vijay C Kumar, Chandrasekhar Kammula and Radha Krishnan.

National award winning director Sekhar Kammula said that he started shooting Anand film on 13th of November and completed the film after 100 shooting days. It took two years to get the dubbing right for the film. Marthand K Venkatesh really worked hard for the editing part of the film. Sekhar Kammula has a rough time to sell this film. He arranged 10 preview shows for Anand. All the distributors appreciated the film, but did not dare to buy it. Finally Sekhar had to release the film on his own with six prints in Hyderabad, Vizag, Vijaywada and Warangal on 15th October, the day when Chiranjeevi's Shankardada MBBS was released with more than 500 prints. With the superhit talk, Sekhar Kammula has got buyers for all the areas. He released Anand with 23 more prints a week later on 22nd October 2004. Sekhar Kammula thanked Suresh Movies distributors and Prasad labs for rending help.

Hero Raja said that his sixth film 'Anand' got him break as a commercial solo hero. He dedicated the credit for success of this film to Sekhar Kammula. Heroine Kamalinee Mukherjee said that Anand is the product of Sekhar Kammula. Music and photography also helped this film. Kamalinee thanked Sunitha for dubbing of this film.

Executive producer Chandrasekhar Kammula, Anisha Kuruvilla, KM Radha Krishnan and others also spoke about Anand on this occasion.

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