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Evaraina Epudaina success meet
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July 6, 2009

Success meet of recent release Evaraina Epudaina was held at the club house of Hill Ridge, Gachibowli on the night of 7 July. Varun Sandesh, Dil Raju, Marthand K Shankar, Marthand K Venkatesh, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Rajasimha, Adarsh, Rama Prabha, Sandhya Janak, producer Guhan are among the few who attended this success meet.

I recovered 90% of my investment in seven days – Dil Raju
Speaking on the occasion Dil Raju said, “I told in the audio function that this film would become a hit due to the entertainment value it provides. I saw the film in Shanthi theatre on the release day and opined that it will run for 50 days to 10 weeks. A real success is the film which generates money for the producer, distributors and exhibitors. The producer of this movie made table profits. I recovered 90% of my investment in Nizam territory in the first week. People are looking for entertainment and enjoyment in movies and Evaraina Epudaina satisfied them. People might think that Evaraina Epudaina is a love story, but it is a comedy entertainer. Rajasimha penned good punch dialogues. Varun Sandesh did a contrasting character convincingly.”

Actor Varun Sandesh said, “I would like to thank Marthan Venkatesh for recommending me for this movie after watching the rushes of Happy Days movie. I listened to and signed this movie much before Kotha bangaru lokam. Evaraina Epudaina movie is an entertainer with good characterizations. We went for a tour in AP and visited theatres playing this movie. The response has been fabulous. I would like to thank my parents for letting me do films. I feel that it’s God’s blessing that I am showered with successful movies.”

Writer Rajasimha said, “Evaraina Epudaina film sports good situations and these situations allowed me to come up with punch dialogues. Varun Sandesh did this difficult character with lots of ease. This film proves the judgment of Marthand K Venkatesh again.”

Director Marthand K Shankar said, “I would like to thank my brother Venkatesh for initiating this project. My next acknowledgement goes to Pulla Rao who took up this project with AVM. This is the 172nd film of AVM banner. I realised that it is the happiness of distributors that matters for any movie. I am greeted with the happy faces of distributors when we toured all over in the past few days. It was Dil Raju who instilled confidence in me by announcing that this movie will become hit in audio function. I would like to thank everybody who supported me.”

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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