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Manorama sucess meet
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30 March, 2009

manorama success meet

Summer meet of Charmme’s latest film Manorama was held at Film Chamber today evening. It was attended by Suresh, Eeswar Reddy, Venigalla Rambabu, Srivastav and Pradeep.

6 more prints added – Suresh
Executive producer Suresh said, “Manorama is a good thriller with message orientation. A unique point was dealt in a sensitive way. Manorama shows how love conquers hatred. After watching Manorama, D Rama Naidu said that no normal producer would dare to make such a different film. I take it as a great compliment. Charmme gave subtle performance in this film. This film was released with 20 prints and we added six more prints due to public demand.”

Actor Pradeep (Radio Mirchi) said, “We got good feedback on the movie. Eeswar Reddy is a soft and calm director and Manorama also reflects the same attitude. This film my first film and it says that love can conquer anything.”

Director Eeswar Reddy said, “Today 4th day of since film was released. Monday collections witness 20% increase compared to the first day collections. I am getting enormous phone calls appreciating the movie. It began as small film and it will become big in future.”

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