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Simha success meet
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6 May 2010

Success meet of Bala Krishna’s latest blockbuster Simha was held at Cinemax on the night of 6 May. Bala Krishna, Boyapati Seenu, Paruchuri Kiriti, Kota, LB Sriram, Chakri, Ram Lakshman, Rajitha, Sravan, Anand, Venu, Siva Subramanyam, Venu Madhav etc attended it.

Director Boyapati Seenu said, “This is my third movie. I narrated the story in 23 minutes when Paruchuri Prasad took me to Bala Krishna. I told him that this is not a dialogue-oriented movie. He likes novelty in movies and he encouraged me. Bala Krishna involved a lot as an actor in this movie.”

My prediction of Simha hunting records became true – Bala Krishna
Bala Krishna said, “Simha is creating new records of Telugu film industry. I would like to thank my fans and Telugu film lovers for making Simha such a gigantic hit. I casually grew my moustache and beard. When I attended functions, people started liking it. We tried the same get-up for flashback episode in the movie. We have shown some burning issues in our society and there were received well by the crowds. The two roles I had done in this movie are new and I didn’t do such roles in the past. I told in music success meet that Simha will hunt the records and it became true now.”

Simha collected a share of 26.45 crores in 1 week – Paruchuri Prasad
Paruchuri Prasad said, “This is my fourth film. I expected this movie to become a hit, but such a stupendous success surprised us. My banner has become a part in this history. Chakri is my friend and he composed nice music. I was little tensed before the release, but had a huge sigh of relief on the day one with terrific mouth talk. It is not only doing well in India, but also received stupendous response in abroad including USA and Australia. Simha has collected a share of 26.45 crores in the first week. Ladies are also thronging to theatres from the day one. We controlled the piracy and it helped in collections. I am donating 5 lacs to Police welfare fund as a token of appreciation for taking strict action against piracy.”

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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