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Ye Maya Chesave success meet
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March 9, 2010


Success meet of Naga Chaitanya's latest movie Ye Maya Chesave was held at Prasad Labs on the night of 8 March. ANR, Nagarjuna, Sumanth, Manjula, Sanjay, Surender Reddy, Seenu Vytla, Samntha, Krishnudu and Ramesh Prasad attended it.

Manjula said, “My father is happy for the combination of akkineni and ghattamaneni. I am grateful to Nagarjuna for entrusting us with Naga Chaitanya. Samantha is angelic. I wanted to work with Gowtam Menon for years. It is director’s brilliance that made this movie work. AR Rahman’s music enhanced the emotions in the movie.”

ANR said, “YMC is a meaningful and fresh movie amidst over-sex and over-violent movies. YMC is like a poetry and it will change the conception of Telugu movies in the future. I worked for many romantic and tragic films in the past. All my tragedies and romantic films had dramatic situations. But YMC is completely natural without any dramatization. It’s a sensitive movie.”

Seenu Vytla said, “Some hit flicks take industry backwards and some hits take industry forward. YMC belongs to the second category.”

Surender Reddy said, “YMC has woven magic on me. I had seen only two films thrice in the last seven years. These are 3 idiots and YMC.”

Sumanth said, “Lots of people are comparing it to Geetanjali. Naga Chaitanya was born during the announcement time of Geetanjali movie. He used to stop crying when we shown him Geetanjali film when he was a kid. There has to be some connection. After watching the movie I messaged Chaitanya saying that YMC is going to be his Geetanjali.”

Nagarjuna said, “I want to thank Manjula and Sanjay for casting Naga Chaitanya in YMC. The real heroes of the movie are Gowtam Menon, AR Rahman, Manoj and other technicians. It would have been really nice if they graced this function. Samantha did extremely well. I will watch YMC again and again for Jessie. I was in Kulu Manali when YMC was released. Lots of people called me and messaged me that YMC is good. All prominent directors called me and appreciated YMC.”

Naga Chaitanya said, “I started getting tensed after watching the preview of YMC a few days before release. We tried something new and it is an out of the box movie. People are remembering Karthik and Jessie characters instead of actors. I am very happy for that. I want to thank Manjula and Sanjay for giving me this project even before the release of Josh. They entrusted me with their faith.”

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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