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5th World Telugu Federation Conference
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31st December 2002
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Let me share some of the experiences at the 5th World Telugu Federation Conference, held at Singapore, between 27th - 29th Dec 2002. It was a great experience to participate at such a nice conference among so many Telugu people (around 2000 - 2300) from different countries, not only from India, but also from USA, Europe, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.

It started grandly with the Inauguration of the conference by our Honourable Chief Minister Shri. N. Chandra Babu Naidu, by lightening the jyothi, which followed by speeches by him, and other industrialists like, Pratap C Reddy (Apollo Hospitals), Ramalinga Raju (Satyam Computers), and many Bigwigs.

The main point which was stressed by all was to promote Telugu, and NRI's who have settled abroad, to come to India (AP) and invest there in different ways and help our Country/State to progress further in all ways, because, "Janani Janma Bhoomischa Swargadapi Gariyasi". Later followed by the cultural programs, by various artists who came from AP (India) & some singaporeans also performed our folk dances.

2nd day's program started with the Women & Youth forum, in which our upcoming Actress "Laya", who won Nandi Awards consecutively, has also participated, for the topic of "Mother in India & Abroad". She presented her message by singing a song and got good response from Audience. The programs, which followed later part are the cultural programs by various artists, that ended with the Live Music program by Usha, Mallikarjun & RP Patnaik. The response from Audience was marvelous for the songs "Bham Bham Bole..", "Ayyayo Ayyayo.." songs from INDRA which are repeated twice because of audience's response by dancing everywhere, in the auditorium. These songs are sung by Mallikharjun. RP Patnaik sung few songs, out of which 2 songs got good response from audience, the songs are.. "Ranu Ranu.." from Jayam , & "Gajuwaka pilla.." from Nuvvu Nenu. Usha has also given some nice numbers like.. "tooniga tooniga.." from Manasantha nuvve.. and duet by Mallikharjun & Usha was... "Ronduvela Rondu varaku" from "Allari Ramudu".

3rd day's programs started with the Kavi Sammelanam/Art & Literature, which was headed by famous writer M. S. Reddy (Mallemaala), participants include famous film writers Paruchuri Brothers also, which went on with very few crowd initially and picked up later. 2nd half of the day was important function for which the whole crowd was eagerly waiting, that is the Valedictory function, but before that there were few cultural programs, by the end of which , the whole auditorium was fully packed. Chief guests for the valedictory function are Shri. Venkaiah Naidu whom we all know for his excellent speeches, and the person for whom all audience's are eagerly waiting for, is none other than our MEGASTAR Chiranjeevi. Immediately after the arrival of Chiranjeevi, the valedictory function started with the nice dance performance by the kid "Vamsee Krishna" who had given wonderful dance and mono-acting performances, in the earlier 2 days. Then the distribution of momentos to various artists, organizers of WTFC by both Chiranjeevi & Venkaiah Naidu was done.

Later followed by speech of Shri. Venkaiah Naidu which was wonderful and his speech included praises to Late Shri. N. T. RamaRao for his hardwork for the upliftment of Telugu's & Telugu Language. He was also praising NRI's who have been investing in the motherland AP and helping for the improvement of Telugu people. Now its time for Chiru's Speech for which all are waiting, his speech also was very nice, which he started with his usual smile, saying "matter antha akkada ayipoyindi" showing Shri. Venkaiah Naidu, he told that he know that when he(venkaiah naidu) was here , he will not have anything else to speak ( in a humorous way).

Then he was telling about the importance of Telugu language, by describing some of the incidents, which happened at abroad (various countries, which he traveled). Also he told that accent (yasa) should be there pertaining to the particular regions, which brings beauty to our language like.. AAi (east godavari yaasa) . He also stressed the point that wherever we are, we all should speak only in Telugu at house, and also make our children also speak Telugu and that is the way to improve the knowledge of Telugu in all. The valedictory function was over after few minutes and few cultural programs were continued, which includes dance performance by Actor Ali & Actress Ragini, followed by comedy skit by Mallikharjuna Rao, Gowtham Raju, etc. Ghazal Srinivas performed some nice Ghazals and entertained audience with his outstanding performance.

Final touch: Many of them tried to get the photograph, autographs of Chiranjeevi, but due to security reasons, only very few of them got that chance, in which I am also one of them being one of the special volunteers on Chiranjeevi's arrival day, I grabbed the chance of getting a photo with him & autograph from him, which I was waiting for......since long...time. I would like to attach the photos with this article, but could not scan them, at the moment, I will send them to very soon.

On this occassion, I would like to thank WTFC members for giving such nice varieties of programs on single stage for all Telugu people. Also I would like to thank our MEGASTAR Chiranjeevi for giving me his autograph & photograph with him.

Wishing you all A Very Happy & Prosperous New Year !!! and Pongal.

-BKR ([email protected])

Exclusive Photos (courtesy BKR)

Usha and Mallikharjun performs

Actress Laya with her mother

Laya speaks

Podium for Valedictory function


Singapore dance

Paruchuri & Jaya Prada

CM with George Yeo and Jaya Prada

Cultural dance

BKR & other chiru fans

Crowds dancing for RP's music

Crowds for valedictory function

BKR & friends with RP

Ali dancing with Ragini

Chiru speaks

BKR & friends with RP

Chiru while leaving

BKR & friends with MS Reddy

Chiru speaks

George Yeo enters

CM entering

CM Chandra Babu naidu

MS Reddy (Mallemala)

Jaya Prada entering

BKR & friends with Chiru
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