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Yuva Rathna Audio Function
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Yuvarathna Audio Function

21st October 2002
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It was like a family reunion. Three brothers (Bala Krishna, Hari Krishna and Rama Krishna) met their brother-in-law Chandra Babu Naidu who came to bless his son-in-law Taraka Rathna (son of Mohana Krishna). In addition to these men, there was a row full of ladies from Nandamuri family sitting in the audiences. Now, isn't that, what a family is for - to bless a budding heir and encourage him?

This extravagant event was organized on the 20th of October in Shalimar theater, Narayanaguda to mark the release of audio of NT Rathna's second venture 'Yuva Rathna'. This date marked another joyous celebration for the Nandamuri family. Nandi awards were announced this day and Bala Krishna won the best actor Nandi award for the first time after 25 years in the field. Such a joyous event and not featuring it exclusively for you valued visitors and fans? Unthinkable, Improbable and Impossible.

The security cordon beefed up as CM of AP graced the event by letting only the people who mattered for the presence. The podium was dazzling with the lively presence of Sripati Rajeswar (All India President of NTR Fans Association and the MLA), Uppalapati Narayana Rao (director of Yuvarathna), Keeravani (music director of Yuvarathna), Bala Krishna, Chandra Babu Naidu, Hari Krishna, Rama Krishna, NT Rathnaa, Murali Mohan (MAA President) and Paruchuri Gopala Krishna.

The entire function was like a tribute to NT Rama Rao and eulogizing the greatness of Nandamuri Vamsam. All the people who spoke during the occasion narrated their experiences with the great NT Rama Rao and how NT Rama Rao influenced the course of Telugu films and Indian politics.

Paruchuri Gopala Krishna enthralled the crowds by telling his association with the Nandamuri family. Paruchuri brother spoke about the importance Bala Krishna gives to technicians by saying that Balayya called him up to inform him that the character Narasimha Naidu [etched by Paruchuri brothers] got Nandi award. Sripati Rajeswar thanked the fellow Nandamuri fans and said that NT Rathnaa has a great future ahead of him.

Hari Krishna explained various important occasions and events that resulted in the formation of Rama Krishna Horticulture Studios. Punching authority and convincing logic were the life of Hari Krishna's speech.

NT Rathna thanked his mamayya Chandra Babu Naidu, babai Bala Krishna and peddananna Hari Krishna for taking their time out and coming forward to bless him.

Bala Krishna started his speech on a lighter vein by saying that NT Rathnaa has to compete with him on youth aspect. Bala Krishna said that he reached 25 years of his career, climbed many steps and attained many records before winning the first Nandi award. He indirectly opined that he should have got it in initial stages. He also reminded that his action in Chenna Kesava Reddy is far ahead of what people expect from their heroes in the recent times. He said that Nandamuri Vamsam has got a special place in the hearts of Telugu film lovers. He also reiterated the fact that only Nandamuri Vamsam is capable of performing each of nava rasas to the fullest satisfaction on the screen.

He stated NT Rathnaa as the first guy from the 3rd generation of Nandamuri clan for having entered the film industry (conveniently ignoring Jr. NTR). He suggested NT Rathnaa to not get bogged down by failures and over joyous with the successes. His advice to Rathnaa was to maintain balanced mind. He also requested the chief minister to give enough encouragement to the cinema halls, which are now days turning into function halls due to the lack of encouragement from the government. He illustrated his point by showing Shalimar theater [where this function was held] as an example.. He earnestly asked CM to consider reducing entertainment tax of movies so that exhibitors can survive.

CM Chandra Babu Naidu sang praises about Nandamuri vamsam and wished NT Rathna all the best. He also asked the producers to make films with social messages in it.

The audio release function was followed by Sangeeta Vibhavari by MM Keeravani. The other guests who graced the occasion include G Adi seshagiri Rao (Producer's counsel president), B Gopal, A Kodandarami Reddy, Siva Nageswara Rao, Prasad (producer of Nippuravva).

exclusive photo gallery (photos by Giri)

Stage set

NT Rathna



Keeravani, Hari Krishna, CM, NBK

Hari Krishna, CM & NBK

Hari Krishna, CM & NBK

Hari Krishna, Rathna, CM, Rama Krishna, Bala Krishna

Hari Krishna, CM & NBK

Rathna, Rama Krishna, CM & NBK
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