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Vyjayanthi into Television with Zee Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa
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October 27, 2006

Zee Telugu joined hands with Vyjayanthi Tele Ventures (VTV) to create a unique platform for all the talented aspiring singers of AP through Andhra Pradesh’s biggest talent hunt show - Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa. Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa is not a mere competition among aspiring singers, but a pathway to bright future that fulfills their passion to be the cream of music industry. Though the program is in footsteps of Zee TV’s Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, which is a sensational hit nationwide, some unique features are added to cater the Telugu viewers with local flavor.

Auditions for the mega hunt has started from 4th October 2006 and successfully completed on 19 October 2006. The scout for the contestants from all over AP began from Vijayanagaram, then proceeded to Rajahmundry, Vizag, Vijayawada, Warangal and finally reached at Hyderabad. Thousands of aspirants took part in Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa selections from various parts of AP and also from neighboring states.

48 contestants will be short listed from all these places and brought to a common place for the enormous competition to follow.

The show will have 35 episodes and will air from 2nd November, every Thu & Fri at 9 pm, interactivity will be introduced in the form of SMS from the 26th episode. The popular vote will be clubbed with the jury’s decision to decide the episode winners. The final winner will be decided entirely on the basis of viewer’s opinions.

The finals will be a mega stage show in Hyderabad where in we try to get the entire Telugu music industry to adjust the best voice of AP through Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa.

About VTV:
Under the chairmanship of C Aswini Dutt, VTV is managed by Miss. Swapna Dutt in her capacity as the Managing Director and Vishnu Vardhan Induri in his capacity as the President, Operations. VTV is working on various interesting projects with some of the leading television channels in various regional languages and is making its launch in Telugu with Zee Telugu’s Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa.

Press Meet:

Zee Telugu and VTV jointly hosted a press meet on the night of 27 October at Touch. This press meet is attended by C Aswini Dutt, Ajay (Zee Telugu), Swapna Dutt, Vishnu Vardhan Induri, YVS Chowdary, Sunitha and Anand Sai.

Vyjayanthi banner is going to make the dreams come true - Vishnu Vardhan Induri
Vishnu Vardhan Induri (President Operations, VTV) said, “I had been in the small screen business for the past 3 years. Though I had some innovative ideas, I could not implement them due to certain limitations. I am happy to be a part of VTV because Vyjayanthi banner is going to make the dreams come true. VTV will produce Television software in various languages. We are starting our endeavor with Zee Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa. It was huge hit in Hindi on a national scale. Doing a similar program on regional scale in Telugu is a big challenge. With VTV doing this show, I am sure that Telugu version of Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa would be at par with it’s Hindi counterpart if not better. All the best and upcoming playback singers will contribute from the judge panel. I am confidant that Zee Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa will be a success for both of us - VTV and Zee Telugu.”

Our aim is to explore end-to-end entertainment - Swapna Dutt
Swapna Dutt (Managing Director, VTV) said, “Vyjayanthi group is participating in every aspect of filmmaking from production to distribute. Our aim is to explore end-to-end entertainment. I feel that TV is the best media to get closer to the people. I am proud to be associated with Zee Telugu in doing Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa.”

There will be many more surprises from Zee Telugu - Ajay
Ajay (South Head of Zee TV) said, “Zee is lucky to be associated with Vyjayanthi group. This program is a super success in Hindi. It is a platform for new singing talent. There will be involvement by audiene too. The support of Aswini Dutt is going to be of great help for us. Since our launch in Telugu, Zee Telugu has always been trying to do things differently and we succeeded in winning the trust of the TV viewers. There will be many more surprises from Zee Telugu soon.”

Sunitha (host of Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa) said, “National version of Zee Sa Re Ga Ma Pa created many talented singers. I am feeling proud to host the Telugu version of this program. It will be a good venue for Telugu prospective singers.”

Guest YVS Chowdary said, “When I watched Hindi version of this contest, I wondered why nobody is making such contests in Telugu. Aswini Dutt has been on the top for the past 27 years. His daughter Swapna Dutt is the right successor to him. She can handle any business very well. I am happy that finally this program is happening in Telugu.”

I always wanted to promote new talent - C Aswini Dutt
Producer Aswini Dutt (Chairman - VTV) said, “I made many films. Some of my films might have failed at box office, but none of my films disappointed musically. Ilayaraja once said that I have Saraswathi Devi guarding me with her blessings. I always wanted to promote new talent. That is the reason why I started different production offices in association with K Raghavendra Rao and Allu Arvind. But we could not fulfill that object. I am happy that Zee Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa is going to do it for me. It made me very happy when my daughter Swapna Dutt completed MBA two and half years back and came to me with various business ideas. She gave me confidence that Vyjayanthi banner is going be in the safe hands of Swapna Dutt after me. I hope that VTV is going to gain the trust and goodwill of Telugu people just like way Vyjayanthi banner earned.”

Anand Sai is going to create the set for this show. Big FM is one of the partners in the event.

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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