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Mithunam 50 days function
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10 February 2013

50 days function of Mithunam was held at Ravindra Bharati on 10 February 2013. Dasari, K Raghavendra Rao, K Viswanath and Gollapudi Maruti Rao attended this function as guests. Vinod Babu, Janaki Rani and Swapna rendered Mithunam songs. Ndiya did Mahishashura Mardhini performance. A group of girls performed Jada Kolatam. The introduction given by ‘Prasa’ Mani was well appreciated. Dialogues CD was released at the venue. Sangamam has organized the function. Vijay Saradhi Jeedigunta (Varun Sandesh’s father) has sponsored trophies.

SP Balu has defeated singer in his to become Appadasu - Gollapudi
Gollapudi Maruthi Rao said, “I have read the story Mithunam and it’s not meant for film. Tanikella Bharani has beautifully adapted it to celluloid without losing the essence of it. SP Balu has got into the character so much that he defeated the famous single in him to live the role of Appadasu. Lakshmi has given a great performance. I saw this movie in Vizag. The theater owner came to me and said that I had run many good films and many bad films. But I had never seen this section of audiences who came to Mithunam in my theater before. A person of 70 years old has seen this film three times.”

Only 7 people for the first show – Tanikella Bharani
Recounting the experience, Tanikella Bharani said, “I went to the morning show of Mithunam at Usha Mayuri Theater on the day one. I saw only 7 people at the start of it. The total count for that show was 30. And all of them are of 60 years and above. A 87 year old woman came with the help of a walker. The mouth talk picked up and it is running 50 days in the same theater. I felt good when a software engineer said that he has removed Aishwarya Rai as his screensaver and replaced it with the photo of his parents after watching Mithunam.”

I recommend Sirikakolanu Chinnadi book to Tanikella – K Viswanath
K Viswanath said, “I think Tanikella Bharani did great as he got 7 people for Mithunam. When Sankarabharanam was released, I saw only 5 people at main theater in Hyderabad. SP Sailaja told me about this book around 5 years back. Tanikella is becoming a competition to me with his directorial skills. I am jealous of SP Balu for the character he has got in this movie. I recommend Sirikakolanu Chinnadi book to Tanikella Bharani as his next movie subject.”

There are three characters in Mithunam story – Sri Ramana
Writer Sri Ramana said, “I have written Mithunam story around 15 years back. Tanikella has been saying that he wanted to make a film out of it for the past three years. The original story has three characters. There is a kid character in the film who works as mode of communication as the old couple lives in a remote island. Bharani is a great sculpture of cinema.”

Mithunam is a happening – SP Balu
SP Balasubramanyam said, “I am having yogam in this life. There are more talented people all around me in all fields (singing, dubbing, music and acting). But the God has showered me with more fame and right job all the time. I feel that it is because of some good deeds I have done in my past life. The direction of the film is so good that everybody went to Tanikella to appreciate the film after premiere is over. Nobody cared about me. Somebody told when Sankarabharanam was released – ‘Sankarabharanam is a happening’. Likewise ‘Mithunam is a happening’. Cinematographer has done brilliant work using limited resources. Lakshmi is such an actress that she can act with fingers. I learnt a lot from Lakshmi. I don’t care about awards and this 50-days run is enough for me. “

Mithunam is the new beginning of Telugu cinema - Dasari
Dasari said, “Bharani has been restless throughout his career till Mithunam happened. I wouldn’t have done such a film like Mithunam. It was a daring effort. SP Balu used to work hard to act in other films. SP Balu has worked hard not to act in this movie. He is so natural. Devadasu, Sankarabharanam and Mithunam are peaks for the acting careers of ANR, Somayajulu and SP Balu respectively. This movie and actors should get national awards. Mithunam is the new beginning of Telugu cinema.”

I am just a raw material - Lakshmi
Lakshmi said, “Tanikella Bharani is the sculpture and I am just the raw material. I wanted to stop acting in films, but Prakash Raj insisted on me listening to Mithunam script. I was in the moment Tanikella Bharani narrated it. But I expressed doubts about my ability to do such a complex character. But Tanikella and SP Balu had so much faith in my ability. I feel that sincerity and obedience are the finest qualities of any actor.”

Lord Shiva is our PRO – Anand Rao
Producer Anand Rao said, “I got so much of fame and self-satisfaction with this movie. Whenever we had shooting problems, Tanikella Bharani used to say that our PRO will take care of problems. Our PRO is none other than Lord Shiva.”

Varun Sandesh said, “I am very impressed by the film. I wanted to celebrate 25th wedding anniversary (30th January) of my parents by holding a function for Mithunam. But Tanikella Bharani suggested that we should do it 10 days later for 50 days function. My parents are supposed to come here, but they went to USA on some urgent work yesterday.”

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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