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Nikhil - Swati's Swamy Ra Ra music launch
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23 January 2013

Music of Swamy Ra Ra was launched at a fun-filled event held at Taj Deccan on the night of 23 January. Nikhil and Swati who played main leads in the movie anchored the event. Most of the young swati heroes (Nani, Allari Naresh, Sunil), Manoj Manchu, Regina, Nandini Reddy, BVSN Prasad, Srinivas Avasarala, Mohana Krishna Indraganti and Nara Rohit attended the event as guests. MLA Pattipati Pulla Rao has launched the music.

Since most of the guests are young heroes, there was joyful satires on each of them. All the young heroes targeted Nikhil by ridiculing him in a funny way. Manoj Manchu is always known for having fun and he continued it even on the stage. One of the noticeable thing is Manoj asking why Nani became dull after getting married. Allari Naresh went to the extent of mimicking how Nikhil will act in a mother-death scene in his films. Nani who had been very serious till he got onto the stage, was very sharp and witty with his words and gave no time for Nikhil to recover.

Sunny has composed nice music for this film. The producers have taken pains to bring Mumbai singers Shefali Alvares (Ek Main Ek Tu and Kathilanti Pilla (Naayak) fame) and Arjit Singh (Barfi and Agent Vinod fame). Both of them performed live the songs they did for Swamy Ra Ra. Krishna Chaitanya penned all the lyrics of the film.

Sudheer Varma thanked Nikhil to accept film without listening to the story and Nikhil after listening to the story. Chakri Chigurupati who has produced successful films like Yuvatha and Veedu Theda is producing this movie.

Allari Naresh and Manoj Manchu imitating Nikhil

Nikhil and Swati shaking legs for a tune

Music director Sunny live performance


Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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