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Kamal Kamaraju's art on Triumph motorcycles
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18 February 2016


When this project was floated to bring art on a Triumph motorcycle, my initial reaction of enthusiasm was mixed with fear. Enthused by the challenges as an artist it offered and feared by the magnitude of emotions it shall represent across the globe.

Moving out of my comfort of an assumed boundary that a canvas offered and exploring the vastness that a biker experiences, I began by revisiting my few early days of Motorcycling. Riding a motorcycle has always been a physical and emotional pleasure with a layer of anxiety and an adrenalin rush for me. I can relate this to the artistic journey that I am in today.

I took a departure from my initial fears and began focusing on making this art to be an experience, both at the physical and Meta physical level. Physically the curvaceous, segmented and yet congruous aspect of a bike will be defined and hence the bold and dramatic fragmented colours.

Unlike a car which maintains a uniformity a bike has an inherent nature to be different in its elevations. This gave me an instinct to develop something three dimensional in form and throw a desire to see the other side of the bike. The tank thus connects visually both the spectator as well as the rider.

When triumph was launched in India, it instantly blend with the Indian emotions of biking and this strong aroma is what I wanted to capture in the iconic images and colours that are very Indian. The roots that we get connected with each of our ride through those forests, along the rivers and valleys and the those narrow roads with fallen leaves all boldly mixed into the palette of colours bringing in Triumphs vivid contours to life.

Kamal kamaraju

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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