Maya Nelluri's Art Exhibition OM at State Gallery of Fine Arts, Hyderabad
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03 July 2015

Maya Nelluri's Art Exhibition 'OM' was held at the State Gallery of Fine Arts, Hyderabad, Telangana, from 26th to 28th June. The high-tea launching the exhibition was attended by many celebrities including Actors Adarsh, Gazal, Shreedhar, Directors Sudheer Varma, Mani Shankar and several Page 3 personalities. The event turned out to be a huge success with many artworks being sold.

The exhibition encompassed an exquisite collection of 29 pieces which delved into the depths of mysticism to uncover if in fact duality is the essence of life. The paintings were deeply rooted in Hindu Spirituality with a Contemporary twist. The artworks were unique in their use of and treatment of the materials – Oil paints were combined with various supplies to give each painting texture and distinctiveness.

The paintings included Oil on Canvas pieces which took a literal symbolic approach to show duality. Take for example the Shiva-Vishnu, Lakshmi-Kaali, Shiv-Shakti, or White-Black paintings. Another 7 miniature Oil paintings on card depicted the 5 elements which encapsulate the world – Bhumi, Jal, Pavan, Akash, Agni. They were split into opposing forces which were linked by the red circle of life. This Red Circle of Life was a continuing theme among all the paintings.

The next set of paintings were Oil on chalk. These were distinctive both due to the usage of chalk and also the treatment of the theme. The Spiritual Symbols painted wrapped themselves around the entire chalk giving the audience a completely different view from every angle. This approach was taken to show the many perspectives that exist in life – duality may in fact be a simplification.

The event also showcased a sneak-peak into Maya Nelluri’s eBook ‘Style & Stars’. Parts of the book were condensed and displayed to give potential audiences a taste of what’s to come. This project was started over 2 years ago with the author working tirelessly, intensely researching the history of Tollywood to bring out this comprehensive discussion on the Story and Style of the Female Superstars that lit up Telugu Cinema Screens since the beginning of cinema.

While the book was written as a tribute to the Actresses who excelled in the Reel World, it also had a more pressing purpose. Maya wanted to do her bit to Help Women in the Real World. All the proceeds made through the pre-sales of the book (excepting the costs incurred) will be donated to worthy causes that support women from all walks of life. To purchase a copy of Style & Stars and do your bit to help women – please log on to

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)


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