Ennenno Janmala Bandham Musical Concert at Greenbelt, MD, Greater Washington DC area
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24 March 2014
Hyderabad, in association with Srinivasa Chandu (a well-known local personality for his services to the Telugu Community) and Udaya Bhaskar Ganti (CEO and President of International Sottware Systems, Inc at organized a wonderful melodious concert, "Ennenno Janmala Bandham" as a musical tribute to the Gaana Gandharva, SP Balu. The lead singers were Ramu (fondly called as Jr. Balu from Chennai) and the noted playback singer and Super Singers fame, Anjana Sowmya. A local talented young singer, Sandeep Kowtha (a finalist in the US level 2012 ATA's national level contest) also joined both lead singers. The three singers together sang more than 30 songs and enthralled around 800 Telugu music lovers for about four non-stop hours. Udaya Bhaskar Ganti and Chandra Sekhar Kola kindly rendered wonderful hospitality for the rehearsals and hosting of the singers. Unify Solutions' CEO Venkat Sana (producer of the upcoming Maine Pyar Kiya Telugu movie) was the Platinum sponsor of the event, while Maryland Montessory Academy, Chutney Indian Restaurant and Krishna Training were the Gold sponsors. The local Paradise Indian Cuisine was the event's food vendor. TORI (Telugu Online Radio),, TV5/Mana TV and TV9 were the media partners. Srinivasa Chandu, along with his friends, was primarily the driving force behind the event's mega success. A team of dedicated and committed volunteers (Venkata Reddy Yarram, Manoj Chekuri, Venkat Vundamatla, Shiva Bollam, Srinivasulu Nagaruru, Rajesh Sunkara, Krishna Mohan Amrutham, Anand Gummadilli, Chadra Sekhar Kola and Manoj Bhagavathula) worked very hard on the organizational responsibilities such as ticket sales, stage decoration, registration booth and projector/Screen setup. Sandeep Kowtha and Srinivas Seelamsetty handled the tracks' playing task at the audio booth, which was wonderfully setup by Sunny. Rajasekhar of TV5 and Eshwar of TV9 handled all video recording of the event.

Madhavi Amrutham, Srinivas Chandu and Srinivas Chimata were the event hosts. The event started off at 7: 00 PM with the welcome speech by Madhavi Amrutham and she invited an eighth grader Nikhitha to sing a prayer song (Annamacharya keertana). Madhavi introduced Srinivasa Chandu as the event organizer and invited him on to the dais. Srinivasa Chandu thanked all volunteers and audience for making this event happen. He commended the ChimataMusic's mission of promoting the "nostalgic old songs" throughout the country and he shared with the audience that he was excited to take the opportunity of organizing the current event, when his prANa mitruDu Srinivas Chimata proposed a concert and requested his help on organizing it in the DC area. Srinivasa Chandu introduced Srinivas Chimata to the audience as the person who had come all the way from California to the DC area to distribute the mellifluous Balu songs' nectar to the audience. Srinivas Chimata first thanked Srinivas Chandu and complimented him as "Oke Okkadu", who turned his dream (of doing a Balu songs based concerts in the DC Area) as a reality. He then shared with the audience that these kinds of "Full-Fledged" nostalgic Telugu concerts are organized in the US by only three organizers: 1. the organizers that sponsor bi-annual SP Balu concert series 2. and 3. Ramana Juvvadi (of based in Dallas, TX) and doing these exclusive songs-only based concerts was kind of “AeTtiki edureedi cheyyaDam" with no involvement of the kids-centric cultural activities (that usually bring in more audience). He also profusely thanked Udaya Bhaskar Ganti gaaru, who met him just a week before the event, for being the Grand sponsor of the event. He then introduced Ramu to the audiences saying that Ramu has been entertaining the US audiences in different cities for the last three years and that he is quite popular with his devotional songs played in almost all temples in AP and is fondly called as "Junior Balu" by his fans. Srinivas Chimata summarized Ramu's caliber in just one line - "in the school of Balu singing, it is Ramu next to Balu and Mano".

Ramu humbly thanked all organizations that brought him to the US every year and in particular, to Srinivas Chimata and Ramana Juvvadi for paving him a way (from India) to the regular US concerts. He thanked Srinivasa Chandu and his friends for organizing this event and Bhaskar Ganti gaaru for his hospitality. He started off his vocal performance with a prayer song (VakratunDa mahaa kaaya). He then introduced Anjana Sowmya and they together sang wonderful songs and the audience thoroughly enjoyed their marvelous performances. Srinivas Chimata introduced a highly talented young singer, Sandeep Kowtha and requested the audience to bless him. Anjana Sowmya introduced him as her co-singer in her recent Atlanta concert.

Srinivas Chimata invited Bhaskar Ganti gaaru on to the dais and introduced him to the audience as the CEO of a software company and as a multi-faceted personality (singing, mimicry, comedy etc) and as a go-to-person for all celebrities such as SP Balu, P Suseela during their DC trips. He profusely thanked Bhaskar for his generous sponsorship. Bhaskar gaaru then sang a comedy parody song of how parent or in-laws would feel confined and exploited by their children in the US and got a cheerful response from the audience. Srinivas Chandu said that a section of audience was looking out for energetic (josh-filled) songs afte a series of melodious songs and Ramu then assured the audience they have come up with a set of songs that would entertain all class and mass folks and "Aaresukoboyi Paaresukunnanu" got a huge round of applause. After Ramu sang the powerful "AaDave Mayoori" song, he invited Bhaskar gaaru on to dais and the latter imitated the dancing styles of ANR, Krishna, and NTR to the charaNams of the same song (Ramu repeated the same charaNam three times). Then Srinivasa Chandu dedicated the next song, RallallO Isakallo song to the TANA Secretary, Sathish Vemana and Acchaa.. Acchaa song to his dear friend and TANA Executive, Vijay Gudiseva.

Anjana Sowmya entertained the younger crowd and kids with the title song of the Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu. Ramu then paid a posthumous tribute the great legend, ANR with the emotionally charged Aagadu.. Aagadu song. Like in all ChimataMusic concerts, the concert title song, Ennenno Janmala Bandham song was beautifully peformed right before the announcement of the dinner break. Srini thanked the DC audience for making this event a huge success. He shared with the audience that he had been doing these concerts with the nostalgic melodious concerts with Balu songs and in the names of Music Directors and lyricists for the last five years and he earnestly requested audience to encourage these kinds of concerts to save the evergreen Telugu melodies.

A set of energetic songs like Bhadrachalam Kondaa, Swathilo Muthyamantaa, Kolo Kolamma, Priya Raagaale etc were performed amidst the cheerful dances of a few dancing stars from the audience and kids. Bhaskar gaaru came back on to dais to entertain audience with another comedy parody song of the NRIs' woes of India trip and received a good around of applause. Ramu dedicated the next romantic song, Ravi Varmake to Srinivasa Chandu and his wife, Madhavi. Ramu was then felicitated by the TANA executive and one of the chief guests of the event, Dr. Hema Prasad Yadla and the latter spoke a few applauding words about the amazing singing talent of both Ramu and Anjana Sowmya. Anjana Sowmya was felicitated by Dr. Seeram dampatulu.

While Srinivasa Chandu was felicitated by the TANA Secretary Sathish Vemana, Srinivas Chimata was felicitated by the NATA 2014 Convener Bala Indurti. Sathish and Bala gaarlu commended the efforts of the Srinivasa-dwayam. Then Mallelu Pooche song was beautifully rendered by Ramu and was dedicated to Srinivas Chimata. Ramu fondly recollected that Srinivas Chimata just loved song and every time they met, Ramu got to sing this song for Srinivas.

Then Sathish Vemana inaugurated the Audio teaser of the upcoming Telugu film, Maine Pyar Kiyaa and complimented the producer and CEO of the Unify Solutions, Venkat Sana and every one wished Venkat a big success of the movie. Venkat Sana in turn thanked Srinivasa Chandu for giving him the opportunity of promoting his film in this concert. The all Volunteers were felitated by Dr. Mulpuri Venkata Rao, another chief guest of the event. TV5 Rajasekhar's daughter sang Aanathi Neeyaraa.. Harra (Swaathi Kiranam movie) beautifully. Then Bhaskar Ganti feliciated the upcoming singer, Sandeep Kowtha and wished him a great succesful career ahead. Then Ramu, with the help of Chorus from Anjana and Sandeep, presented the grand finale song of the event, Punyabhoomi Naa Desam Namo Namaami.

All in all, it was a great concert from the team of and Srinivas Chimata attributed the whole success of the event to his dearest friend, Srinivasa Chandu.

List of all songs performed:
0. Vakra Tunda Mahaa Kaaya (Pradthanaa Geetham) by Ramu
1. Srimalle Neeve (Pantulamma) by Ramu
2. Sinnee Sinneee Korikaladaga (Swayam krushi) by Anjana Sowmya
3. Jananee Janmabhumischa (Bobbili Puli) by Ramu
4. Tanivi Teeralede (Goodu Puthani) by Ramu and Anjana Sowmya
5. Sivaranjani.. Navaragini (Toorpu-PaDamara) by Ramu
6. Raasaanu Premalekhalenno (Sridevi) by Ramu and Anjana Sowmya
7. Lalita Kalaaraadhanalo (Kalyaani) by Sandeep Kowtha
8. Comedy Parody song on In-Laws Experience by Bhaskar Ganti
9. Chinukulaa Raali (Naalugu Sthambhaalaata) by Ramu and Anjana Sowmya
10. Aaresukoboyi Paaresukunnaanu (Adavi Ramudu) by Ramu and Anjana Sowmya
11. Aadave Mayoori (Chelleli Kaapuram) by Ramu
12. RallallO IsakallO (Seetha Raama Kalyanam) by Ramu and Anjana Sowmya
13. Acchaa Acchaa.. Vacchaa Vaccha (Raakshasudu) by Ramu and Anjana Sowmya
14. Seethamma vaakiTlo Sirimalle Chettu (SVSC) by Anjana Sowmya
15. Aagadu Ae Nimushamu Nee Kosamu (Premaabhishekam) by Ramu
16. Ennenno Janmala Bandham (Pooja) by Ramu and Anjana Sowmya

==========Dinner Break==============
17. Paruvam Vaangaa Nedu Kurisenule (Roja) and Nee Jathagaa (Violin song) by Anjana and Sandeep
18. Bhadrachalam Kondaa Seethamma vaari danDa (Gang Leader) by Ramu and Anjana Sowmya
19. Swaatilo Mutyamanta muddulaa anTukundi (Bangaru Bullodu) by Ramu and Anjana Sowmya
20. Kolo Kolamma Kalla Koke Kaakettukelle (Kodnaveeti Donga) by Ramu and Anjana Sowmya
21. Vaana Chinukulu (SVSC) by Anjana Sowmya and Sandeep
22. Priya Raagale (Hello Brother) by Ramu and Anjana Sowmya
23. Second Comedy Parody song on NRIs’ India Prayaanam
24. Ravi Varmake Andani (Ravanude Ramudaite?) by Ramu and Anjana Sowmya
25. Mallelu Poose (Intinti Raamaayanam) by Ramu
26. Sirimalle Puvva (Padahaarella Vayasu) by Anjana Sowmya
27. Guvva Gorinkato (Khaidee # 786) by Ramu and Anjana Sowmya
28. Prati Raatri Vasanta Raatri (Aeka Veera) by Bhaskar Ganti and Ramu
29. Maate Raani Chinnadaani Kallu Palike Oosulu (O paapa laali) by Ramu
30. Ae DivilO virisina Paarijaatamo (Kanne Vayasu) by Ramu
31. O Bangaru Rangula Chilakaa (Thota Ramudu) by Ramu and Anjana Sowmya
32. Punyabhoomi Naa Desam (Major Chandrakanth) by Ramu and Chrous (Anjana and Sandeep)

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)



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