Pawanism Celebrations at Fremont - Bay Area California USA
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13 October 2015

11th October 2015....;
A big event on Pawanism’s ideology has been organized by California state telugu residents in the city of Fremont near San Francisco.

Total 150 people attended this event which is equivalent to 1500 in India.

The participants are from various communities and crazy fans of Pawan Kalyan not just for acting but more for his philanthropic works.

The spokespersons are:
1.Appi Reddy CEO of MicroInfo Systems – California
2.Srinivas Chimmata – I.T. Architect
3.Kalyan Palla – Sr. Manager IT
4.Srinivas Manapragada – Project Manager
5.Murali Godavarthi - Sr. Manager IT
6.Reddiah Prathipati – Software Engineer
7.Subramanyam Pappula – I.T. Architect
8.Bhaktha Balla – I.T. Manager
9.Vote of Thanks by Rajendra Narayandas – Software Engineer

As part of the first initiative, Pawanism – USA chapter has volunteered to donate 1 lakh rupees for the kith and kin of one Andhra Pradesh Farmer and 1 lakh for the kith and kin of Telangana Farmer who committed suicide recently.

Pawanism-USA will start interacting with each district’s PSPK Fans association groups in India and find out the needs and issues of that district and will try to contribute on those issues.

We wish to do more things of this sort from now onwards; based on the guidance and directions we will receive from PSPK India Office.

Kalyan Palla spoke about the advantages we have as NRIs to help the needy in India using Pawanism as proper channel.

Srinivas Mannapragada spoke about Pawanism should be celebrated every year and requested all the hardcore fans to keep this momentum alive.

in addition to Bay-Area California Today three other cities also organized this event:
1. Bay Area - California (Fremont)
2. Silicon Valley - California
3. Los Angeles - California
4. Houston - Texas

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