Pawan Kalyan creates powerful impact visiting land acquisition affected villages
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25 August 2015

Pawan Kalyan whose prime motive to enter politics has been ‘questioning’ has created a great impact by visiting land-acquisition affected villages like Vundavalli and Penumaka. He has interacted with farmers and made them speak about their problems. The farmers came with the crop of vegetables they produced to show as proof that their lands are fertile and shouldn’t not be converted into infrastructure for the capital city. After listening to the farmers, Pawan Kalyan has said that he is not a slave to any party just because he has supported them during elections to form the government. He has also said that he completely supports the right of a farmer not to give his fertile and riverfront land for capital.

His tour of these villages was widely covered live in various TV channels and everybody empathized with farmers and Pawan Kalyan’s support to them. Pawan Kalyan comes out as a honest guy who wants to help his fellow farmers. Pawan Kalyan is highly dangerous for any ruling party because he is not a politician, but an individual with revolutionary ideology. This tour has definitely created a huge impact and the government’s reaction to land-acquisition after the meeting tells it all!


Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)


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