I made '26/11 India pai Daadi' with fear - Ram Gopal Varma
Attack of 26/11 press meet
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I made ‘The attacks of 26/11’ with fear - Ram Gopal Varma
Ram Gopal Varma said, “I made a few films with conviction. I made few films with passion. I made most of the films with power. But for the first time, I am making a film with fear. It’s like somebody gave me a fragile object and asked me to carry it to another place. The cops of Mumbai have given me so much information and I need to process all that information and show it in a responsible way. That is the kind fear I have made the film with. We have seen bomb blasts in India from 1993 Mumbai blasts to recent Dilsukh Nagar blasts. But 26/11 incident was the momentous in the history of India. I have covered what happened on that day between 9:30 pm to 1 am. 80% of the film covers the events happened in this 3 and half hour span. I tried to show different perspectives. Nobody knows how the expressions are on the faces of terrorists when they were killing people. Some people told me that cops hurled stones on terrorists in Leopold café. I later came to know that they didn’t have guns, but wanted to confirm if terrorists were there in the café by throwing stones. I have cover so many different angles and perspectives in 26/11 India pai daadi.”


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