A Good Year inspires Greeku Veerudu and Sukumarudu
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15 May 2013

‘A Good Year’ is a Hollywood film starring Russel Crowe and directed by Ridley Scott. It is about an immoral and unethical business executive in London visiting his village in France after learning that his granddad has expired. He visits village to claim the property of estate and vineyard. After coming to the village, he learns that his unethical trading is under investigation. He stays in the village and over a period of the time he gets connected with his roots. The rest of the film is all about how he learns to respect people and their sentiments.

A Good Year has inspired two films of Telugu cinema which are released in a gap of 7 days. These films are Greeku Veerudu (3 May 2013) and Sukumarudu (9 May 2013). The takeoff point is same for both these films. A ruthless and unethical NRI executive return to his village in India seeking for ancestral property! Hero tries to take away the property in the beginning, but becomes humane towards the latter portion of the movie!!

Greeku Veerudu director has used only take off point as the basis of the film tried to use sentiment and Seenu Vytla kind of comedy screenplay for the rest of the movie. But for Sukumarudu movie, the director has used many more incidents and threads from this Hollywood movie –

1. Take off point

2. Hero and heroine intro (hero inadvertently dashing into the bicycle of heroine).

3. Another girl entering as heir to the property

4. Aunt of hero tapping on the bum of hero

5. Hero learning to sign like his grandfather and forges cheques when he was a kid. At a later point of time, hero uses his forging skills to forge a property will so that the girl who claims the estate gets benefited.

Sukumarudu director has a similar village set-up of his earlier film Pilla Zamindar. He has created characters that are similar to that Vamsi’s (Ladies Tailor fame) village characters with eccentric yet lovable mannerisms.

It’s such a rare occurrence that two films with similar story point are released in a gap of a week in Telugu film industry. That's too inspired by the same Hollywood film.

Note: The purpose of this article is about mentioning inspirations. It’s neither a review nor a box office report. There are some good things in both movies and the directors have worked hard for making these films. .


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