Amala Akkineni Gives Away AISFM ‘SHEINSPIRES’ Awards – 5 women chosen for being ‘ordinary to extraordinary'
The International Women’s Day Celebration event at AISFM also highlighted career opportunities for women in the digital era and how to discover hidden potential by Amala Akkineni . 5 outstanding women were declared winners
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08 March 2018

Annapurna International School for Film and Media today announced the winners of ‘SHEINSPIRES’ award. Making its debut this year ‘SHEINSPIRES’ is instituted to recognise woman who beat challenges in her life to create a space for themselves across different spectrum of life. Among the 28 nominees received 5 were chosen winners - Ms. Seetha Murthy - a teacher, Ms. Manjula Krishnan- Good will stores, Ms. Shivi Kapil - centric design resarcher, Ms. Padma Jairam , Ms. Subbamayamma - a woman who graduated at the age of 60years.

The annual International Women’s Day ‘SHEINSPIRES’ award - at heart is the desire to find and recognise those unsung women who inspire us – their life, challenges and victory. This award symbolize the ordinary women who walked in their life proving they are extraordinary. “They are true role models of our times.” Prof. Kavita Daryani, Vice Chancellor of JNAFAU remarked while speaking about the awards and congratulating the winners.

The celebration of women and her multi-tasking potentials organised by AISFM and JNFAU began with introduction of ‘SHEINSPIRES’ by Prof. Kavita Daryani, Vice Chancellor of JNAFAU followed by a keynote speech by Amala Akkineni, celebrated actor, philanthropist, educationist on the topic ‘Discover your hidden potential’. The event also featured a panel discussion by illustrious women from different walks of life about career opportunities for women in the digital era.

In her key note address ‘Discover your hidden potential’ to a packed audience at the Annapurna International School for Film and Media Amala highlighted ‘The ‘Digital Era is an exciting phase for woman – to elevate her potential and nurture new career possibilities’. She began by congratulating Smt. Kavita Daryani, VC of JNAFAU for being awarded for outstanding contribution in the field of education by the Govt. of Telangana and the first AISFM ‘SHEINSPIRE’ winners.

“The penetration of smart phones in our life has given rise to plethora of new job opportunities. More jobs, new job roles and much more,” Amala Akkineni, said in her address. “If equipped with the right degree which imparts them with the right skills for various jobs, women can make a tremendous mark and contribute their might in the smart phone era.”

What followed was a thought-provoking panel discussion on ‘Career Opportunities for women in the Digital Era’ by Geeta Goti, Independent director, NSIC Ltd.,Aruna Ravikumar, Sr. Journalist, Print and Broadcast, Rohini Mukherjee, Naandi Foundation and Sunita Tati of Guru Group.

There is so much potential that is out there to grasp today experts at the panel discussion opined citing the choices they made to make a mark of their own. Most of careers in the digital era give women the much needed liberty of time and space, these job roles are available in a consultant role, as a freelancer , work from home opportunity and hence help women work-life balance while still pursuing these trendy careers.

Quoting some of exciting career opportunities available for woman today the panellists highlighted new opportunities for women in the digital era and how to tap the immense potential it offers today. They underlined industry ready degree from institutions widely acknowledged educational institutions like AISFM and JNAFAU in Graphic and Multimedia design, Photography and digital imaging and Animation and VFX that not only offers industry ready employability but also gives them flexibility to work at home.

The celebration culminated with the Award Giving Ceremony by Amala Akkineni. Congratulating the winners Amala said the award reinforced the message that every woman deserves a chance to succeed in what she dreams beyond home.

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